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Student life events at Teeter HallWaxahachie, TX – November 8, 2011 – For the past three semesters, Southwestern Assemblies of God University (SAGU) Teeter Dormitory has hosted Teeter Coffee House. The event showcases Teeter residents’ talents and raises funds for missions.

Teeter Dorm Pastor Dusty Small says, “The original idea behind our coffee house was to create dorm culture and unity. We encourage student involvement by letting students display their talents.” Student performances range from live skits to singing, playing musical instruments, rapping and displaying artwork.

Students transform the dorm lobby with decorations and dim the lights to create an authentic coffee house feel. They set up a stage for the performers and turn the TV lounge into an art gallery. Teeter resident Chantal Jules says, “I love the atmosphere that is created. It’s very laid-back. You would never know it’s the Teeter lobby.”

The majority of performers are Teeter residents, although the event is now open to all dorm residents. Jules performed at this semester’s Teeter Coffee House on Friday, October 7. She says, “This was my first performance at SAGU, and I was a little nervous. But, everyone in the crowd was so encouraging.”

This semester, Teeter Coffee House added a new element. The event featured live paintings where students Alyssa Roller and Fawn Anthony posed as statues. The pair used 30 cans of temporary hair dye to paint themselves white. Anthony says, “The most difficult part was getting ready. It took us three hours to paint ourselves to look like statues!” Roller says, “We researched Greek statues for inspiration, but we came up with our own poses. We held each pose anywhere from five to ten minutes, so some of the poses were chosen based on how long we could hold them. The best part was watching people’s reactions and having them take pictures with us.”

SAGU students were impressed with the presentation. Richie Kotwica says, “The live paintings were ingenious. People were so impressed that they wanted to take pictures with them. It was very entertaining.”

All proceeds from Teeter Coffee House are donated to missions. Outside, students sell pancakes with complimentary coffee. This semester, the pancake sale raised more than $100. Two pieces of student artwork (by Zach Chesnut and Amber Belisle) were auctioned for a total of $315. All proceeds were donated to SAGU’s Southwestern Missions Association semester giving project, which will help build a school in Matam, Senegal.

Southwestern Assemblies of God University (SAGU) is a private, Christian university located 30 minutes south of the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex in Waxahachie, Texas. The University was established in 1927, and now offers more than 60 associate, bachelor’s or master’s degrees on campus or online. More information is available at or by calling 1-888-YES-SAGU.

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