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Senior Spotlight: SAGU catcher Heather Wyatt

Reflecting well the spirit of the streets of Lake Jackson, Tx

WAXAHACHIE, Texas  --  The one player on the field who faces the opposite direction from their teammates is often the best at strategically directing the whole team.

It is one reason why the catcher is often a team leader and many eventually parlay their leadership and insights into coaching and teaching.

Southwestern Assemblies of God University was blessed this spring to have Heather Wyatt behind the plate running the show.

The senior joined the new softball program in her final year on campus.

She made it count.

Wyatt worked well with the Lady Lions’ four pitchers, and was fearless behind the plate. She made numerous tags at the plate while staring a hard-charging baserunner eye-to-eye.

She gunned down runners trying to steal a base or caught them straying off base. Her position was similar to a linebacker or a deputy marshall (think Wyatt Earp); making stops, upholding the law, providing resistance, managing the peace.

That was Heather Wyatt. The 5-foot-8 resident of Lake Jackson, Texas (27,500 pop.) graduated from Brazoswood High School, 55 miles southwest of Houston.

A vocal and charismatic leader, Wyatt had something in common with the street signs in her hometown.

According to Wikipedia, all streets radiating from downtown end in the word "Way." Among the streets are Center Way, Winding Way, Circle Way, and Parking Way. There is an intersection of two streets named "This Way" and "That Way."

In the same spirit, a local church near Bess Brannen Elementary placed a small sign in their driveway named "His Way." You will also find an "Any Way."

The 'take-charge' Wyatt was always up to the task of pointing the way;  to teammates in the field, to students in the classroom, to those seeking direction from God.

Heather Wyatt Bio

Name:  Heather Wyatt
Birthplace:  Angleton, Texas
Parents:  Donnie and Patty Wyatt
Siblings:  Katlyn (19)
High School:  Brazoswood High School
Favorite Motivational Motto:  “The only things in life you regret are the risks you weren’t willing to take.”
Major at SAGU:  Elementary Education
Career DirectionTeacher
Immediate Plans:  Get a job teaching, eventually work my way into counseling.

Q1)  What were your reasons for choosing SAGU?
Heather Wyatt:
  I chose SAGU because I really felt that God was calling me here during Campus Days in the spring of 2010. I didn’t really know what I was to do, but I felt at home here. I didn’t want to pass that up.

Q2)  Who were your favorite professors?
Heather:  Mrs. Diane Lewis
and Dr. Clancy Hayes.

I’d say Mrs. Lewis because she’s one of those teachers who really took the time to invest in my life. Although her classes were tough, she challenged me in so many ways and pushed me to be a better person; not only academically, but spiritually as well.

Dr. Hayes is pretty obvious and is a favorite to many. He is a professor who makes class interesting and lively. He keeps you on your toes because you never know what is going to come out of his mouth. His classes are the ones that you hate to miss.

Q3)  How would you summarize your athletic accomplishments?
With this being my first and only year in the athletic program at SAGU, I didn’t really know what to expect.
I came in with an open mind and was accepted with open arms.

By being on this team I had to push myself in many different ways, especially after being named a captain. Not only did I have to be a leader on the field, but I also had to be a leader when we weren’t in uniform.

Q4)  What did you enjoy most about the SAGU experience?
Looking back over my years I can’t believe everything God has brought me through in such a short time.

Although I am ending this chapter of my life, I know that God is already started on the next one and I am excited to see what He has in store.

The thing that I will take away from SAGU are the friendships I have made. I truly believe that the people God has placed in my life while here will be those that I will stay in contact with for the rest of my life.

They are the friendships that I believe will last a lifetime. They are something no one will ever be able to take away from me.

Q5)  What did you learn most enjoy from chapel?
  Even though you attend chapel every day, it’s important that you still have your “alone time” with God.

I know that for me, my ‘alone time’ (devotions, prayer) is when God would get a hold of my heart and it always felt he was leading me or directing me. It’s in those personal moments that God speaks to me the most. However, I have to be willing to sacrifice the time in order to hear what He is saying.

Q6)  What was your most pleasant surprise?
The times the professor takes to really get to know and to speak into the lives of their students.

There was one year a professor told us that we would be taking our final exam at her house and that she would cook us a meal and let us swim in her pool afterwards.

It’s moments like that that likely don’t happen at other universities. I believe it is that ‘caring spirit’ that sets SAGU apart from the rest.

Q7)  What was your favorite memory of playing this year?
  When we played at the University of Dallas under the lights. We were losing 9-6 after six innings and came back with four runs to take the lead. We won when we kept them from scoring in the bottom of the seventh.

Q8)  What did you most appreciate about your coach?
  Even though our coach admitted sometimes it doesn’t look like he knows what he’s doing, he always did his best.

Coach (Tim) Grant is a man that is going to do whatever it takes to help us out in every situation; whether it was talking to the umps 20 times in an inning or watching films of other teams to try and help us with strategy.

He has sacrificed a lot for us, and, as a player that is a quality that you love to see in your coach. Whether we won or lost, he was always there supporting us and cheering us on.

Q9)  Did you ever participate in any ministry or service projects with your team?
  In August we went to New Mexico on a missions trip. We worked with a church and did a Kids Crusade in the neighborhood. It was great fun for the team!

We had services at night were we did motions to songs, a bible lesson, and hung out with the kids there. We also helped out at the Cook Canyon Camp (Ruidoso Downs, NM), working at concessions, or on the zipline, at the slides and with paintball.

Q10)  How was the competition you faced in the NAIA?
We were usually the underdogs in the Red River Conference, so we knew we were in for a tough journey.

Throughout the season we faced several obstacles. Other teams may have given up and throw in the towel, but not us.

We were a determined team who played with heart and fought well. Injuries on top of injuries took their toll (late in the season), yet that never stopped us. We were hardheaded girls, but I believe it paid off in the long run.

We also went from 2 wins to 13, so I know we competed much better than last year.

Q11)  Any post-college hopes to utilize athletics in your career?
 I would love to coach softball or volleyball in my future. I don’t believe I am will done with sports. I plan to use my experience and abilities to help younger girls who also love sports as well.

Q12)  How would like to be remembered as a player?
 As a player who never gave up. As a player who gave 110%. And as a spiritual leader who others could come to for help or direction.

Contact: Mark “Link” Warde, SAGU Sports Information Director, at or at 469-476-2847.

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