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Statistical breakdown of the two games

basketball-showdownPLAINVIEW, Texas  --  When Southwestern Assemblies of God University's women's and men's basketball teams take the court on Thursday night at the Hutcherson Center, they will have their work cut out for them. Wayland Baptist University's teams have won 13 of their combined 15 home games.

There's a reason for their success.

SAGU must offset their strengths in less than two hours to escape with their own winning ways intact.

Fans can watch, listen and read the accounts of the two contests by connecting to video, audio and LiveStats.

Access is listed in the Follow SAGU Hoops article posted on-line Wednesday night at:

The women's game will pit the Flying Queens (8-8) and the Lady Lions (10-9) at 6:00pm (CST).

WBU has a clear advantage on offense, scoring almost twenty points per game more than SAGU. The Purple Pride's zone defense outperforms their counterparts.

The battle for the boards will likely determine the winner. SAGU must keep the Queens away from the offensive glass and keep the score in the sixties if they are to win their third game in a row.

Neither team has shown a serious threat from long distance, so the game should be won in the paint.

WOMEN’S GAME (rank in SAC)

Offense Average:   WB 80.9 points per game (2), SAGU 62.3 ppg (10)
Defense Avg. Yield:   SAGU 58.3 ppg (2), WB 75.4 ppg (10)
Free Throw Pct.:   WB .713 (2), SAGU .616 (7),
Three-Pointers Per Game:   SAGU 4.8 (9), WB 4.7 (10),
Offensive Rebounds Per Game:   WB 17.0 (2), SAGU 13.4 (5)

WB Top Scorers:   Angeleigh Davis 17.6 ppg, Laura Castillo 11.7,Stephanie Afunugo 10.9, Christie Mooney 10.3

SAGU Top Scorers:   Nia Winston 18.4 ppg, Jirah Rodriguez 7.6, Taylor Hill 7.6, Shaquita Roberts 4.9

WB Three Pointers:   Castillo 34 threes made, Shayla Monreal 18, Davis 8

SAGU Three Pointers:   Winston 39 threes, Rodriguez 22, Hill 18

MEN’S GAME (rank in SAC)

When the Lions (16-1) tangle with the Pioneers (12-5), they will meet s team that appears to match-up well with the Jungle Kings. Their M.O. of defense, crashing the offensive boards and offensive execution means this game will probably be decided in the closing minutes.

Should the Pioneers have their home court "mojo" or benefit from a favorable number of fouls called, they are more than capable of putting an end to SAGU's 11-game win streak. WBU must end their three-game skid if they are to make a strong finish to this season.

If the Lions control the pace of the game with their ballhawking defense, they could snap WBU's home winning streak this season at nine.

Offense Average:   WB 88.8 (3), SAGU 82.1 (7)
Defense Avg. Yield:   SAGU 71.1 (1), WB 72.6 (3)
Free Throw Pct.:   SAGU .704 (3), WB .648 (8)
Three-Pointers Per Game:   SAGU 9.4 (2), WB 7.3 (6)
Offensive Rebounds Per Game:   SAGU 14.9 (1), WB 13.6 (2)

WB Top Scorers:   Markus Monroe 21.4, Barry Johnson 14.4, Juhreece Thompson 8.8

SAGU Top Scorers:   Dominique Rambo 24.6, Jonathan Walter 16.5, Caleb Feemster 14.1, Caleb Gentry 14.1, Daniel Mills 7.

WB Three-Pointers:   Johnson 45, Plamen Hristov 28, Sasha Ovcharenk 21, Monroe 14

SAGU Three Pointers:   Feemster 47, Gentry 22, Rambo 22, Walter 19, Mills 14, Drew Erskine 10, Tyler Guidry 9.

A full report will be posted Thursday night.

Contact: Mark "Link" Warde, SAGU Sports Information Director, at or at 469-658-2847.

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