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Midlothian, TX

November 2, 2018 | Mikayla Heldt

Councilman & Pastor Justin Coffman with his family

Southwestern Assemblies of God University (SAGU) alumnus and Pastor Justin Coffman was elected to the Midlothian City Council this past May.

“Like God gave the Israelites the promised land, I know that God planted me in the territory that I’m in,” says Coffman. “I developed a passion for citizens of this city. I knew that God was leading me to get involved with the stewardship of this God-given territory.”

As a city council member, Coffman wants to be a leader that takes care of his community and makes sure they’re being cared for and everyone has a voice.

“In leadership, I know that communication is extremely important, so I want to be available, open, transparent and honest.  I want to represent my community well…Midlothian is such an amazing place to live, work and play. My desire is to further develop the unique nature of Midlothian, preserving our past while looking toward the future.”

Coffman being sworn in as a Midlothian City Council Member

Coffman was hired on at Harvest Hill Church in Midlothian, Texas following his graduation from SAGU in 2009, where he is currently serving as the Associate Pastor.

Though this is the first time he has held an elected position, Coffman has served as the Lead Community Chaplain for the local benevolence ministry, Manna House for the past five years.

“Manna House is a great unifier in our community. So many of the churches, businesses and individuals pool their resources to meet the immediate needs of our community,” he says. Manna House is an organization that strives to meet the immediate physical, emotional and spiritual needs of those in need. “The chaplaincy at Manna House is what prompted me to get involved on a greater level and actually run for an elected position.”

He also leads the Ministerial Alliance of Midlothian, which is a group of local pastors that “meet, pray together and brainstorm how to be more effective in the community”.

Coffman graduated from SAGU with a degree in Professional Studies. He credits the faculty for equipping him with skills to serve in the ministerial, business and political realms.

“The biblical training interwoven with the business principles that I learned at SAGU really skyrocketed me into my ministry career and my desire to lead in the community,” Coffman says. “The professors, teachers and the educators care so much. They really pour their heart into what they do, it brought a lot of life and excitement to me as a SAGU student.”

In a political setting, it can be challenging to approach tense and frustrating situations. However, Coffman explains that his faith is what drives him to be a good father, pastor, and leader in the community.

“I carry Christ with me everywhere that I go…I want to be the fruit of the Holy Spirit in action…I know that my character is revealed through difficult situations. I desire to be a reflection of Christ’s glory in all areas of my life. I can do that by staying positive in difficult times and by putting the fruit of the spirit into action,” he says.

Southwestern Assemblies of God University is a private, Christian university located 30 minutes south of the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex in Waxahachie, Texas. The university was established in 1927, and now offers more than 70 associate, bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees on campus or online. More information is available at

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