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Hometowns: Kauai, Hawaii (Silvin) El Paso Texas (Grace) 

Degree(s) Obtained / Years Graduated from SAGU:

2008-BA church ministry (Silvin)

2009-MA Elementary Education (Grace)

2016-MA- Theological Studies (Silvin)

Originally from Kauai, Hawaii, Silvin Galiza is now living in Texas and serving as the worship pastor at Dallas First Assembly of God. His wife, Grace, who grew up in El Paso, Texas, is a teacher at Ovilla Christian School. 

The couple met at SAGU where Silvin earned his BA in Church Ministry and his Master’s in Theological Studies, and Grace obtained her Master’s in Elementary Education.  

Prior to serving in their current roles, the Galizas were lead pastors of Aloha Church, which is located in the city of Lihue on the island of Kauai. 

As they reflect on their journey, both express sincere gratitude for the many ways SAGU prepared them to pursue the call of God in their lives.

Q. Tell us a little bit about yourselves and your family. 

We are a fun-loving, adventure-seeking family of 6 who loves God and loves each other. We had 4 kids in 4 years and they’re all still pretty young, so literally every moment is an adventure.

Q: How did you know you wanted to be in ministry?

We are both Pastor’s kids on each side so ministry is in our blood. Grace’s mom is from West Virginia and met her dad at a Bible study in South Korea while working overseas. Grace was born in Vancouver, Washington where her dad planted his first church; then more church planting in Portland, Los Angeles and El Paso, where they eventually stayed. My parents have faithfully pastored the same church for 38 years until we came. 

I felt the call at a youth convention as a Jr. Higher, and Grace always wanted to be in ministry since she can remember. There was also a significant moment for me during a church service when my parents were away that I encountered the love of the Lord so strong that I was never the same. That moment solidified my call to ministry. There was really never a time where we weren’t in ministry. 

Q. How did your time at SAGU influence what you are doing now? 

Grace’s time in the education department deeply rooted her love for teaching and influencing lives as well as opened doors to her time overseas. My (Silvin) time in the Theology department was essential for properly preparing God’s Word for preaching. And our time in the chapel worship department helped us to be equipped to lead worship in various venues. Our favorite place there is still the prayer room. I hope that CD player is still working! 

Q. How/ where did you meet your spouse? 

We met in the SAGU chapel worship department. Grace was just coming off of the field as a Missionary to South Africa, and I had just finished youth pastoring/worship leading in Hawaii. 

Q : You both served for 6 years as senior pastors at Silvin’s home church, Aloha Church, in Hawaii. Tell us about some of the most memorable ministry experiences you had during this time. 

Just being able to help bring fresh wind to the church there. Most people don’t realize that it’s one thing to vacation there and a WHOLE other thing to live/minister there. Being in ministry with my parents, and to have them see my kids grow up in the same church for the time that we were there. It was also great to see the people who I grew up with and who knew me as a kid now get to know my young children. Because of the church’s central location we were able to host a lot of island-wide and state-wide events, Bible Studies, worship nights, etc. that brought a lot of unity within the body. Beach weddings on surfboards and waterfall vows are a plus too!  Also, to walk with people through each phase of life from birth to walking into eternity and everything in-between are the most memorable moments. 

Q: Tell us about your current roles as worship pastor at Dallas First AG and Ovilla Christian School.

These jobs are also a God story. I was touring schools in the area, and while I was at OCS the usual admin who gives tours wasn’t available, so the principal gave me a tour. She then tells me about the current job opening which Grace is currently teaching (which may not have been known by the admin). I mentioned that the last of our kids are growing up into school age and that Grace is now looking for a job. She applied, and the rest is history. 

An evangelist friend of mine was in town preaching a revival that we were attending. Long story short, his friend who came to the service knew that Dallas First was looking for a worship leader (I was also leading worship as an evangelist at the time). We led worship there for a few weeks and just loved our pastor and the people there and decided to stay. 

Grace teaches 4th and 5th grade ELAR and History and knows God has placed her exactly where God wants her to be. Her kids impress her on the daily, and the staff there is exemplary. Both places are hungry for worship and the Word, and it’s a blessing to be there. 

Q. What would you tell a current SAGU today? 

Enjoy this time in your life, especially if you’re single. Use the time that you have to deepen your walk with God and into meaningful relationships. We’ve met most of our best friends at SAGU; they were in our wedding party and we are still close with them to this day. Be open about your successes as well as your struggles with someone you trust. Someone has gone through the same struggles as you and they want to help! Time is such a precious commodity. You never know how much time you had until you’re married looking back at when you were single, then until you have kids looking back at when you just got married. If this is a possibility for you, there is truly nothing like being on campus. Get to know your professors, staff and administrators. They are the best, and we still go to them to this day for wisdom and prayer. 

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