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Southwestern Assemblies of God University (SAGU) alumni Eunise and Raymond Richardson have a unique vocation that intertwines entrepreneurship and church leadership. Eunise and Raymond’s paths crossed while at SAGU, and while they’ve spent nearly a decade building a life and ministry together, their individual stories of getting to SAGU were quite different. 

Eunise’s Journey to SAGU

Eunise was elected to be part of a program in 5th grade that involved mentorship and a future college scholarship. After her high school graduation, she began her undergraduate journey at another institution. She quickly realized that it “was not a fit,” and applied and was accepted at SAGU. “It just happened like a whirlwind,” Eunise says, “I got accepted, came to visit, came to orientation, and just landed at SAGU.” She explains that the scholarship program in elementary school helped prepare her for college. She began working on her undergraduate degree in counseling/psychology and completed it in just three years. During that time, she met Raymond, who was on his own distinct journey.

Raymond’s Journey to SAGU

“I did not come to SAGU on purpose,” Raymond admits. “I’m from Tennessee, and I came with a friend of mine who wanted me to ride with him to Campus Days.” He recalls the events of Campus Days, specifically late-night worship. “We were there worshiping the Lord, and I heard the Holy Spirit speak clear as day, ‘This is the place that I have for you.'” The direction change undoubtedly surprised Raymond, as he had plans with his church in Tennessee to take on the lead pastor role once the current pastor retired. With the change of direction at the forefront of his mind, Raymond recounts telling his parents about his decision to attend SAGU. “I filled out the application,” he says, “got accepted, didn’t have the money.” Raymond recounts being in the line to register for classes, knowing his financial aid had yet to clear (and having no idea how he would pay for college). “It cleared literally the moment that my name was called to be able to get registered,” recalls Raymond. “And so, it was a faith walk the whole time.” Raymond became involved in the outreach ministry at SAGU while working on his undergraduate ministry degree. Midway through his degree plan, he took some time off to work and then returned to finish his degree in church ministries. During that second stint of his time at SAGU, he met Eunise. 

Beginning a New Life Together

The Richardsons

“We were friends for two years,” explains Eunise. “We ministered together…and then we just started to develop feelings for each other.” Eunise and Raymond finished their undergraduate degrees in 2003, graduated, and married. Eunise began working on her master’s degree in psychology with SAGU the following year. 

“I believe I got a really good education in counseling psychology,” she says. Eunise mentions the impact of her SAGU professors during her graduate work. She explains that their dedication and time pouring into the students were essential factors in the success of herself and her classmates. “I know several alumni that graduated under their teachings,” Eunise says. “They [also] have their own private practices, and they have their doctor’s in psychology.” 

After graduation, Eunise immediately began an internship working with the mentally ill, at-risk youth, and domestic violence victims. She served as the clinical supervisor at Dallas Metro Care and the clinical supervisor at Dallas youth and Family Centers. She then decided to pursue entrepreneurship. “I wanted to just do my own thing,” she explains, “and practice more with the integration of my beliefs. I wanted the liberty to pray with my clients, to recite scripture, to talk to them about God and not have the limitations and restrictions.” 

In 2013, Eunise opened her practice, Richardson Counseling & Consulting, with offices in Ennis and Waxahachie. Her client base began to grow, and the State of Texas eventually contracted her to work with children in the foster care system. Today, Eunise holds a special place in her heart and practice for these children and is thankful for the opportunity to help them navigate adjustment and heal from abuse and neglect. 

Life Here and Now

Eunise in her counseling office

As Eunise’s counseling practice grew, the Richardsons moved to Ennis and began attending Foundations of Life Church (FOLC). After several years, the church unanimously voted in favor of them occupying the senior pastor role. Eunise relocated her Richardson Counseling & Consulting to the church and began offering counseling services to lay members of the church in addition to her other clients. 

Raymond and Eunise are thankful for the community God has given them. “We’ve been able to raise up a whole lot of different folks to come to receive knowledge of Jesus Christ,” says Raymond. “And now a lot of them are finding their way in ministry.” While both Raymond and Eunise have their unique gifts and strengths, they work together to help the body of Christ  to be both spiritually and mentally healthy. 

Reflections on Career and Calling

As the Richardsons reflected on their lives, they realized they are now doing what they only dreamed of while at SAGU. Missions, church leadership, worship, counseling, and even interpretation are all part of the Richardsons’ daily lives. Both Eunise and Raymond are thankful for their time at SAGU. “What I learned at SAGU is always to be flexible and understand that things change. Be consistent in your walk with the Lord no matter what comes.” Eunise reflects on her time at SAGU, saying, “I think at Southwestern, one of the things that I learned the most is how to keep going despite circumstances, despite how you feel… just having grit…despite circumstances.” The Richardsons’ lives truly portray this flexibility and determination. 

Euinise and Raymond are just two examples of SAGU alumni coming from distinct backgrounds but with one common goal: to pursue Christ and their God-given calling in the world. The SAGU community truly is a convergence of students from various backgrounds who wish to strengthen their faith and enrich their educational journey. 

Eunise speaking to SAGU students about career and calling

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