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August 3, 2018 | Mikayla Heldt

Christine Trimbur with her family

Southwestern Assemblies of God University (SAGU) Adjunct Professor Christine Trimbur recently released her book, "Leading Muslims to Jesus". Trimbur's book focuses on spreading the gospel to unreached people groups, specifically Muslim peoples throughout the world. 

“There was a need across America, of just wanting to know more about how to engage Muslims,” she says.

The book is comprised of two parts. The first part focuses on the bold evangelism that is required when a person meets and befriends a Muslim. Second, the book discusses church planting, discipleship, and some more controversial theological issues – the next steps for a person new to the faith.

“If you walk through it, you’ll make Muslim friends and find that sharing the gospel with them is quite natural,” she says.
Trimbur realized her call to missions in her youth and has worked as a missionary in the Arab world for fifteen years. Though she dreamed of being a writer when she was a young girl, it was her time amongst the people groups in the Middle East where her interest in writing began to take flight.

“My writing started with sharing stories of what the Lord was doing in the Arab world…I felt really strongly that the Lord wanted His story told for His glory.”

In addition to newsletters and blog sites, she shared stories about her time as a missionary. She began writing for Live Dead, an initiative within the Assemblies of God World Missions. Live Dead started in East Africa, but after God opened a few doors for Trimbur and her husband, they became the first Arab world team leaders. Not only does she write for the initiative, but she also works with the people groups as well.  

“We do church planting among an unreached people group in teams. So for Adam and I specifically, that means we do church planting among Arab Muslims,” she says.

However, even with years of experience both writing and living amongst Muslims in the Middle East, Trimbur said she initially felt intimidated and even unqualified to write her book. Her feeling of inadequacy was due to what she believed was a lack of insight as to how to minister to Muslims in America. She explained that American Muslim culture is vastly different. 

After prayer, fasting, and “trying to get God’s heart for the Muslim world in general”, Trimbur finally sat down to write. 

“We feel very strongly that part of our purpose…is educating people on how to minister to Muslims, because there are Muslims in America,” she says. 

Trimbur has been in the United States for approximately two years, but she and her family plan to go to Cairo, Egypt in a year. 

When asked to give advice to anyone planning on writing a book, Trimbur says to just sit down and write to get all your thoughts out on paper. She also emphasizes the importance of writing about something you’re passionate about. 

“Once I got started, it became really easy to write, because it was something I was so passionate about…It was just kind of an outpouring of the last fifteen years of my life.”

To purchase a print copy or download her book digitally for free, click here

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