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SAGU History professor publishes first novel of historical western series Waxahachie, Texas — February 10, 2014 — Southwestern Assemblies of God University (SAGU) professor Dr. Loyd Uglow published his first novel, a historical western titled "Marksman's Trinity," on January 6, 2014.

Dr. Uglow is a retired commander in the United States Naval Reserve. He is also department chair for SAGU's history department and teaches several English courses, including the upper-level long-fiction writing course. He enjoys historical western novels and was pleased to have added another novel to his favorite genre.

"I was glad to finish and publish 'Marksman's Trinity,' not only because it is my first published novel, but also because I had started writing it over 20 years ago," Dr. Uglow said.

He had sent in an early version of the manuscript to a publisher several years ago, and the publisher had really liked the opening sequence. He suggested that Dr. Uglow keep the beginning and write a different story to fit it, which eventually became "Marksman's Trinity."

"Marksman's Trinity" is the story of Captain C.W. Langhorne, a Christian officer and expert marksman with a rifle, as he and his inexperienced companion Harry Bennett attempt to track down Mexican bandits and a kidnapped child. During the chase, they uncover a plot by fugitive extremists to ignite war and bloodshed in the border states. The two are assigned to organize a preemptive military strike against the conspirators, and they find that they are battling not only Mexican revolutionaries, disloyal civilians, and hostile terrain, but also their commander, the overly ambitious Major Cobb.

"I think the hardest thing about writing 'Marksman's Trinity' was getting the level of suspense and tension high enough," Dr. Uglow continued. "I needed to make the reader fearful for the characters and raise the stakes higher, and I hope that I have accomplished that."

Dr. Uglow hopes to publish sequels to "Marksman's Trinity" and form a series centered around Captain Langhorne. He has already written some of the subsequent manuscripts and is simply making the final revisions before he attempts to publish them.

"Marksman's Trinity" can be ordered from Barnes and Noble and To contact Dr. Uglow about his book, call (972) 825-4647 or email him here.

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