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Christ For the Nations Institute (CFNI) Grant

Christ For the Nations Institute (CFNI) Grant

CFNI Grant Application


Tuition grant to students transferring from CFNI that are enrolled full-time at SAGU. A student can earn the grant for a maximum of five semesters or until graduation. In addition, CFNI faculty and administrators can receive a 25% off tuition grant.


The amount depends on how many years you completed at CFNI and whether you live on campus in SAGU housing or off campus.

CFNI Program Completed (On Campus/Off Campus)

  • One Year: $2,000/$1,000 per year
  • Two Years: $3,000/$1,500 per year
  • Three Years: $4,000/$2,000 per year


Students should provide proof of CFNI enrollment/graduation to the Financial Aid Office by July 15.




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