Women's Soccer Outreach Program

The SAGU Women’s Soccer Program thanks you for your interest in supporting the SAGU Women’s Soccer Outreach Program. The purpose of the Outreach Program is use the gifts and abilities that God has given us to reflect God’s Glory and the Gospel of Jesus Christ through servanthood locally, nationally, and internationally.

In order to make the Outreach Program a success, the SAGU Women’s Soccer Program needs sponsors to financially assist to help pay for the cost of the various Outreach Program’s activities. The SAGU Women’s Soccer Program is asking you to join with other supporters and prayerfully consider sponsoring the Outreach Program. In order to meet the tax-deductible requirements, contributions must be given to SAGU on behalf of the Outreach Program. Your contribution will be used for expenses and SAGU will exercise full administrative control over the funds.

You may make contributions to support a particular individual participating in an Outreach Program activity (i.e. Mission Trip) and/or make a contribution to support the Outreach Program as a whole. If for some reason a particular individual you have supported is unable to participate in an Outreach Program activity (i.e. Mission Trip) or if the activity is cancelled, your donation will be used to provide financial support for other SAGU Women’s Soccer Outreach Program’s activities. Once a tax-deductible receipt is issued, money cannot be refunded.

Also, to ensure proper credit for your donation, on the memo line of your online donation, please put the name of the particular individual you are supporting or please state that your donation is for the whole Outreach Program.

Your prayerful consideration of support is very much appreciated. Above all, pray for God to use the SAGU Women’s Soccer Program as a true reflection of Christ and to share the love of Christ in a meaningful way to all the people we encounter through the Outreach Program.


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