The mission of the SAGU mascot — Judah — is to support, promote and represent SAGU by actively enhancing the emotions, spirit, pride and involvement of those around him. Objectives are to:
  • Support SAGU Athletics, focusing on the football team; men’s and women’s basketball teams, and women’s volleyball team, as well as other select athletic contests and events.
  • Support university relations by attending various events on campus and within the community.
  • As a mascot, demonstrate qualities of commitment, discipline and responsibility, as well as serve as exceptional representative and ambassador of Southwestern Assemblies of God University.


  • Scholarship available to mascot.
  • Provided custom Nike gear and practice/workout attire.
  • Possible travel for limited games, collegiate level mascot competition, and mascot summer camp.
  • Opportunities for professional development and networking within University partnerships.
  • Being part of a program that will challenge you to grow in maturity and responsibility.

Eligibility Requirements/Commitments:

  • Must be accepted and enrolled as a fulltime student at SAGU prior to tryouts.
  • Must have a current physical (within past six months) and carry medical insurance in order to try out.
  • Must have and maintain a 2.0 GPA and adequate class participation to be eligible for scholarship.
  • Must be available to attend end-of-summer practices, workouts and mascot camp.
  • Must be able to commit to an average of 15 hours per week during the school year for practice, workouts, games, events, appearances and various functions.
  • Must act maturely with a positive attitude and willingness to learn, accept constructive criticism and be a team player.
  • Must show an understanding of responsibility regarding maintaining health and wellness, nutrition, safety, and injury prevention.
  • Must adhere to and abide by the SAGU Mascot Code of Conduct (i.e. you cannot tell people you are the mascot).

2017-2018 Mascot Tryouts:

  • Tryout dates are TBA
  • Tryout schedule, location, and itinerary will be provided given acceptance of application.


The mascot chosen will receive a scholarship, if all eligibility requirements are met. The scholarship is combined with any other SAGU scholarship(s) the member may have and is restricted to SAGU cap limitations.

For more information contact:

Contact Beverly Robinson, Cheer Advisor, [email protected] . Be sure to follow @SAGUSportsNetwork on Twitter and/or Facebook for updates on mascot events and tryouts.
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