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Campus Reopening Fall 2020

Frequently Asked Questions

As SAGU continues to monitor public health orders and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommendations, our guidelines and protocols may change. If such a situation occurs, our FAQ will be updated accordingly.

Fall 2020

How will admissions check-in work for new students?

New lions – we are so excited for your arrival! We developed a check-in process specifically for Welcome Week. The new student check-in steps are included below:

  • New students are required to participate in a health screening prior to entering the Building.

    • The Entrance into the Hagee Communication Center for Admissions Check-in is the Doors next to the Hagee Communication Center Parking Lot (Across from SAGU’s Security Office).

  • New Students are allowed one adult guest to accompany them during their admissions check-in.  The adult guest must pass a health screening in order to accompany them.

  • Masks are required of all students and guests in any public spaces.

  • Social Distancing Floor Mats will be provided on the floor.

  • Health Screenings may be required when entering other events during Welcome Week, and guests will be limited.

  • At the Dorms, new students are allowed 2 Adult guests to assist them with moving in, both adult guests must pass health screenings.

  • New students will be provided with a map to locate check-in points for dormitories.

How will check-in work for the dorms?

We want to provide a safe and effective check-in process for our returning students. We have transitioned all check-in forms to online Cognito forms which can be accessed via the SAGU Lions app or through a QR code that will be linked to the SAGU Lions app.

Upon arrival, we ask that students and their families/friends wear masks. Residence Life will then perform temperature checks and symptom checks, and if there are no concerns, students and their families/friends will receive wrist bands allowing them to proceed with move-in.

Because we want to prevent overcrowding in the residence halls, we are requiring that only two adult family members/friends can assist a student moving in.

Do I need to wear a face mask?

Face coverings covering the nose and mouth must be worn by students, faculty, staff and visitors inside all shared indoor spaces on campus and outdoor areas where physical distancing isn’t possible. Exceptions to this requirement include when students are inside their own dorm room or when faculty and staff are in their personal office or partitioned cubicle. Face coverings must also be worn in the dining hall but may be removed when seated and eating or eating elsewhere on campus.

If there are health considerations that would cause the wearing of a mask to be potentially harmful to a student, a student should indicate this on their return to campus health/symptom survey distributed by Residential Life. These requests will then be considered on an individual basis.

SAGU is committed to the safety of its students, faculty, staff and visitors. Therefore, we will strictly adhere to the best medical information and regulations issued by the Governor of Texas, Ellis County and other applicable authorities. Should there be changes to this available information and/or applicable regulations, we may alter these requirements accordingly, continuing to keep the health of our population as a priority.

What steps are being taken to sanitize the campus?

In conjunction with Aramark Facilities, SAGU’s facilities and custodial partner, we have developed enhanced cleaning protocols and procedures to effectively prevent and control flu and other communicable illnesses, including COVID-19. These steps include the cleaning/disinfection of high-touch areas, implementation of an advanced and mobile disinfecting equipment, and the installation of hand sanitizer stations throughout the campus. For more information regarding these steps, please visit the Campus Cleaning tab on our Campus Reopening page.

What precautions is SAGU taking to prevent COVID-19 exposure within housing?

For our on-campus student population, we recognize the importance of an effective protocol in our residence halls in the case of a potential exposure to the virus. Students who reside in on-campus housing will be required to have their temperature checked twice a week and will be given a symptoms check weekly as well.

All students are requested to conduct a self-screening for COVID-19 symptoms prior to leaving home and returning to campus.

Prior to the start of the semester, we are requesting that all students follow all published guidance with regard to avoiding the contracting of the Coronavirus and take extra care to avoid conditions, situations and locations that might represent a heightened risk of contracting the Coronavirus. We desire all students to arrive at the SAGU campus in a healthy condition. Arrangements are being made to allow international students who are currently out of the country to self-isolate on campus prior to the start of the Spring semester. For additional information, please contact the Student Development Office.

Isolation will be provided for those testing positive for COVID-19 for up to 3 days until able to travel home, or if the student resides more than 8 hours from campus, or if the student is experiencing multiple symptoms of COVID-19 while waiting on a test results. Students will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis regarding the ability to be in isolation for more than 3 days.

If a test is positive and the student resides less than 8 hours from campus, isolation will be required for 10 days away from the SAGU campus after symptom onset and resolution from fever for 24 hours. If a test is negative after having symptoms, the student can move back to their room 10 days after symptoms have ceased.

Students living in Teeter, Bridges, Guynes, Collins or Savell will be required to self-quarantine for 10 days away from campus if they reside within two hours or will need to self-quarantine for 10 days: if one of the occupants within their room has been in direct contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19, and were within 6 feet without a mask for 15 minutes or more accumulatively over a 24 hour period up to 48 hours prior to experiencing symptoms.

Other than medical appointments, students are prohibited from leaving their room during isolation and self-quarantine. Additionally, they are prohibited from participating in any co-curricular activities, such as rehearsals, athletic practices, going to the cafeteria, chapel, class, etc. Meals from the cafeteria will be delivered to each student’s dorm room where they have been isolated or are in self-quarantine.

For more information regarding changes within dormitories once a student has completed check-in, please visit the Housing tab on our Campus Reopening page.

What precautions is SAGU taking to prevent in-person contact in the cafeteria?

We are taking several precautionary measures to prevent in-person contact in the cafeteria. Here are several changes to be implemented this fall:

  • Self-serve stations will no longer be available.
  • All food will be served by dining staff in disposable ware.
  • Wellness Plexiglas barriers will be located at the cashier/ID swipe station.
  • Sanitizer Dispensers will be available at all entrances.
  • Signs and floor flow paths will be positioned throughout the dining hall to facilitate good physical distancing.
  • All dining employees will wear gloves and P.P.E masks at all times.
  • All visitors to the cafeteria will be required to wear masks except when seated and eating.

What measures are being taken to practice physical distancing in the chapel auditorium ?

We want to be responsible and wise in how we engage with one another in chapel during this pandemic. We are making some adjustments this fall to the chapel experience to practice physical distancing measures and minimize person-to-person contact.

  • Modified seating to allow physical distancing. Students will have access to both the main floor and balcony areas to allow for more comfortable physical distancing. We may also offer alternate remote viewing sites.
  • Masks will be required in chapel. If state and federal standards change in the future to lift the requirement to wear masks indoors, SAGU may revisit the requirement to wear masks.
  • Students will be asked to remain in their seated areas, rather than gathering at the front during worship.
  • We will continue to encourage our students to respond to messages during services. During response time, we will ask students to remain in their seats if physical distancing is not possible in the front of the auditorium. This will help prevent overcrowding and close contact with one another.
  • We are eliminating one chapel service during the week. We will have dorm devotionals on Tuesday evenings, and chapels will be held Wednesday – Friday for the foreseeable future. The attendance policy will be adjusted to reflect this change.
  • Weekly chapel will begin Wednesday, August 26; however, our typical Spiritual Saturation event with evening services is being suspended.

Are campus events canceled?

We understand that our campus events are essential to the campus culture, and it is our goal to preserve the student experience at SAGU while carefully following health guidelines and protocols.

All student campus events will be screened and approved by SAGU Administration to ensure that that proper safety precautions are in place and students are not exposed to undue risk.

Res. Life, Student Missions Association (SMA), and the Student Congress (StuCo) events may undergo further screening and instruction from Dean Meche, Nelson and Rennae de Freitas, or Dr. Paula Manley.

Are distance education courses affected?

We plan to resume our Distance Education (D.E.) programs according to schedule with courses beginning on August 24. However, our D.E. office understands that the current circumstances have likely caused abrupt changes to the lives of many distance education students. These changes may present new challenges to their education. If you are a distance education student and are experiencing these difficulties, you can contact our D.E. office at [email protected] .

Are missions trips canceled this year?

Though Mission TEN trips were cancelled this summer due to travel restrictions, our team is reviewing plans for potential trips in summer 2021. All planning and training will take into account government safety and travel restrictions.

What guides SAGU’s decisions as to whether or not the campus is to remain open? What about protocols?

SAGU carefully monitors and follows directives of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) , orders of the Texas Governor’s Office, and public health orders for Ellis County. We also assembled a university task force this summer to plan for the return of our on-campus population. We are taking the appropriate measures to help ensure our community’s health and safety while preserving the student experience.

If I have questions about the university’s response to COVID-19, who should I contact?

For questions about:

Housing or campus culture – contact the Residence Life department at [email protected] .

Admissions – contact our Admissions office at [email protected]

Distance Education – contact our D.E. office at [email protected]

Will fall sports compete?

The NAIA has moved fall championships to Spring 2021. However, SAGU, as a member of the Sooner Athletic Conference,  intends to compete in abbreviated fall and winter sport schedules in Fall 2020. Competitions and practices will incorporate NAIA, Sooner Athletic Conference, State of Texas, Ellis County, and institutional, recommendations and guidelines. SAGU will provide a meaningful and safe experience for student-athletes, athletic staff, game officials, and spectators.

What initial steps should a student take when he/she begins experiencing COVID-19 symptoms?

Should you experience COVID-19 symptoms (See see timelyMD link just below), please have your temperature taken at one of the touchless temperature stations around campus taking note as to whether your temperature taken is within normal ranges. These are located at the Sheaffer Center and in all dormitories. Contact SAGUCare/timelyMD through the Cornonavirus (COVID-19) Screening page ( ) and follow the screening prompts. Let your resident assistant know how you are doing and of the instructions provided to you through timelyMD.

What precautions is SAGU taking to maintain physical distancing measures in the classroom?

  • Class sizes will be limited to 75% usual capacity or less.
    • Extra seating will be removed or signs indicating do not use.
    • Attention has been given to provide as much distance as possible between the seating at the front of the rooms from the instructor area.
  • When possible, electronic documents should be used in place of printed documents. When possible online testing via BlackBoard should be used.
  • Peer grading should be avoided so as to avoid multiple individuals handling papers.
  • Student collaboration/discussion should only occur in situations that will guarantee minimum 6ft social distancing or set classroom spacing.
  • “Field trips” are highly discouraged and must have advance written approval from college dean. Music classes, Communication Arts classes, Activity classes, and classes in labs may have additional protocols suitable for these activities.


Can I still apply for the Fall 2020?

Yes. We are still accepting applications for the Fall 2020. Students can begin the application process at . More information regarding admission requirements can be found at

Admissions Requirements

Will admissions decisions be delayed?

The SAGU Office of Admissions will still process applications as normal. We do not expect any delays in returning admissions decisions at this time. However, we are only mailing admissions decision letters once a week, so most likely, you will first learn of your decision electronically.

Can I still commit by paying my Enrollment Deposit?

Yes. We are accepting Enrollment Deposit commitments through August. The Enrollment Deposit secures a spot in the incoming class and opens up course selection and residential housing placement for admitted undergraduate on-campus students.

Can I reschedule my campus visit?

Daily campus visits have resumed. In light of Coronavirus (COVID-19) concerns, we want to do everything we can to ensure the safety of our guests, staff, faculty, students and community as we prepare for our visitors. Therefore, before visiting, please review this information on Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19), and if you have even the slightest concern about your health or that of those you have been in contact with such as friends or family, we would ask that you plan to reschedule for a later date.

In addition, as a precaution, your visit itinerary may be amended as we continually monitor national, state, and local orders. And, don’t be surprised when our staff keeps their distance and greets you with a big smile, but no handshake. Should new information become available that would cause your visit to be canceled, we will let you know using the email address suppled at the time of registration.

Is there a virtual visit?

Yes, we have created a few virtual visit options. First, you are able to experience a personal feeling campus tour with Veronica, our beloved Student Ambassador, through a virtual visit video. Click here to access it.

Second, students are able to visit different areas of campus via our virtual tour. This option allows students to explore campus, virtually, at their own pace. Click here to access our virtual tour.

Am I still able to meet with my Admissions Counselor during this time?

Yes. All of our Admissions Counselors are available by phone, email, text, and virtual face-to-face appointments. You can register for an appointment directly with your Admissions Counselor to have a personal conversation about your path to becoming a SAGU Lion. Time slots are available on weekdays during normal business hours.

Is there another option for standardized testing since ACT/SAT testing was cancelled due to Coronavirus (COVID-19)?

Yes. We are allowing students who were unable to take the ACT/SAT tests due to cancellations to take the ACCUPLACER test instead. Standardized testing is an important part of our academic placement practices. Students can connect with their Admissions Counselor to discuss testing options.

Financial Aid

Will I still receive my financial aid award letter?

The SAGU Financial Aid office will still process scholarship and financial aid offers as normal. We do not expect any delays in sending this information at this time.

What if I have questions about my financial aid package?

The staff in Financial Aid will still be available to answer your questions. We encourage you to contact us at 972-825-4730 or [email protected] .

My family’s financial situation has changed as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. What should I do?

SAGU understands that families’ financial circumstances may have changed or may change in the coming months. If that’s your situation, please contact the Financial Aid office at 972-825-4730 or [email protected] .

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