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Great news! Starting fall of 2020, SAGU is launching a Church Ministry Degree Scholarship. All On Campus Ministry Majors now receive from 50-100% off tuition including all federal, state, and SAGU scholarships and grants. This means each ministry major will receive from over $5,000 to $10,000 per semester in grants and scholarships!

(Students must be seeking a bachelor’s degree in ministry, enrolled full time on-campus, and complete a FAFSA at .)

Choose from 16 Church Ministry Degrees:

  • Bible & Theology | B.A.
  • Biblical Studies | B.A.
  • Church Leadership – Church Planting | B.A.
  • Church Leadership – Church Revitalization | B.A.
  • Church Leadership – Media Ministry | B.A.
  • Church Leadership – Pastoral Leadership | B.A.
  • Church Leadership – Spiritual Formation | B.A.
  • Church Leadership – Worship Ministry | B.A.
  • Church Leadership – Youth and Student Ministries | B.A.
  • Church Leadership | B.A.
  • General Ministries | B.A.A.S.
  • Global Compassion Leadership | B.A.
  • Intercultural Studies | B.A.
  • Religion & Philosophy | B.A.
  • Theological Studies | B.A.
  • Worship Arts | B.A.


The minimum 50% off tuition guarantee includes all types of scholarships and grants from all sources. A student’s Pell grant, TEG grant, academic scholarship, and all other types of scholarships and grants from SAGU or through the FAFSA are considered part of the 50% guarantee. If a student receives more than 50% off tuition, then they can keep everything they are eligible to receive up to 100% off tuition.

This offer is available to ministry majors living on-campus in the dorms.

  • Including a single student living in Regents who is on a meal plan.
  • Including a married student living in Regents.

It will be made available to both current and new students.

Student must be a declared major in one of the aforementioned bachelor degrees.

New students must affirm a call to vocational ministry and submit a 500 word essay articulating their calling.

  • Current students who are ministry majors will not be required to complete essay.
  • Current students who switch to a ministry major will be required to complete essay.

If student is a Texas resident and has not declared a TEG-eligible bachelor’s degree, then the student will be required to declare a related TEG-eligible AA degree and apply for TEG.

A non-ministry bachelor’s major cannot declare a major in a ministry-related AA to gain eligibility for the grant.

Continuing eligibility for the grant is contingent on participation in the annual Credentialing Days.


SAGU (Southwestern Assemblies of God University) is an accredited Christian university located in historic Waxahachie, Texas. We offer associate, bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees both on-campus and online. Our main purpose as a Christian university is to prepare student’s for Christian leadership in both full-time ministry and in the corporate world.

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