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Full-time photographer at Walt Disney World/Epcot

Linda Byrd-Dennison

Just wanted to share the update that my husband: Josh Morris- Senior Pastor of Andrews First Assembly of God, Andrews, TX, just celebrated 10 years of being the lead pastor. 13 total years in Full-Time ministry since graduation.

Joshua Morris

Author of the hilarious AMAZON.COM book, SUNGLASSES AND SPIES, which details two fun loving investigators fighting sex trafficking crimes in Hawaii. Richard has also been working in Hong Kong as an education advisor/teacher since 2012. Married to Emelita and proud dad of Abigail.

Richard Tallent

I’ve worked at Teen Challenge the past several years, and met my husband, Austin, there. We married on St. Patrick’s Day 2018, and now almost a year later we’ve had wonderful son, Jakob Kenneth, on March 5, 2019.

Trina Fisher
2010 – 2014

I am currently an assistant principal for a PK-6th grade campus I am married and my two amazing children keep me busy in my spare time.

Dawn Givan
September 1995-December 1997

Elwyn and I serve as pastors of Bethel Church and have been in Temple, TX for 28 years. We found what we love to do and we actually get paid for it. Our kids, Dustin & Cara (Miles) Johnston and Dylan & Victoria (Williams) Johnston, are on staff at Life Church in Germantown, Wisconsin. I presently lead Church Life, Quad 3, Ministries and Discipleship at Bethel Church. I love it when generations share in ministry calling, so making space for next generation leaders has been a passion of mine. I’m thankful for my years spent at SAGU and the experiences my family members have enjoyed there.

ReGina Johnston
80-81, 05-06, 08-09

Promotion of Chaplain Brian Crane to full colonel. Picture please send email to [email protected]

Brian Crane

Married to June 28 years Two Daughters Paige age 22 and Peyton age 19 (both daughters were H.S. class Valedictorians) Employed by United Airlines (34 years) currently as Supervisor Flight Operations Training Support for the A320 And B737 Fleets Traveled to Australia, Belgium, China, Costa Rica, Germany, Japan, Italy, New Zealand, Spain, Thailand, Singapore

Randy Baldwin

In 2012 I earned my PhD in Philosophy from the University of Oklahoma, am currently Associate Professor of Philosophy at Tyndale University College in Toronto, Canada and in January of 2019 published my first book, Explaining Evil: Four Views with Bloomsbury Academic.

Paul Franks

Currently working on my Masters of Divinity Degree in Theological Ethics at the University of Aberdeen, Aberdeen, Scotland. Will graduate in August 2019.

Abigail Davis
Fall 2014 – Spring 2016

My training and experience gained from SAGU have proven priceless in my current field as a mental health professional. The vital importance of the sincere study of God’s Word has proven to be the answer to all of life’s troubles.

Jamie Ellison

Oneida (Barton) graduated from SAGU 1950. We were married on August 8, 1951. Served as Evangelists for two years. Served as Missionaries as follows: Sri Lanka (aka Ceylon) 1952-1957; Fiji Islands 1962-1965; Philippine Islands 1975-1980. I graduated from Fuller Theological Seminary 1981 with M. A. degree in Cross Cultural Communications (Missiology). I served as Editor of Underground Evangelism magazine from 1982-1988. Oneida and I had two children born in Ceylon: Arne Ralph (b. 1954) and Marva Grace (b. 1955). We retired in 2007 after 63 years of ministry. Oneida died on March 5, 2012, at age 83. I currently (2019) live in Boise, Idaho, near my two children, eight grandchildren and 12 great grandchildren.

Ralph Elmore

Just had our 2nd child—Sawyer Craig on 3/22

Brady James

Sharla and I serve as pastors of New Life Church in Kingwood, TX (Houston suburb), which we founded in January 2005. We have four children, two of which are married giving us five grandchildren. The Lord has blessed us beyond our wildest imagination and we would not trade our journey for anything. Over the years we have served as pastors in Illinois, Kentucky, and now Texas. We believe the Lord for great and mighty things. In addition to pastoring, I earned a Ph.D. in Management, which opened the doors for me to teach online for Grand Canyon University (since 2007) and The King’s University (began 2019). If any of you are ever in the Houston area, we would love to see you.

Gary Piercy

This year outside of SAGU growth has happened in ways I would have never expected. One of those ways is my voice in how incredibly in love with the Lord I am. I teach 3rd Grade in Red Oak, TX in a public school. However, the laws restricting my voice in Him only make me sing louder His praises! During the moment of silence every morning I have taught my students it’s a time for respect to those that have given their lives for our freedom, but also a time to thank the Lord for the day. As a result, He has brought so many babies to me, literally flocking to His presence in the room. This is a picture of the “prayer team that I had recently joining me in prayer in a place where His name is outlawed. May your voice in the Lord never be stifled by man.

Dominique Richardson
08/15 – 05/18

Currently serving with the 82nd Airborne Division at Fort Bragg. I participated in Operation Inherent Resolve in 2017 during which time I witnessed the fall of ISIS in Mosul. I was also awarded a Bronze Star Medal with Valor for my actions which saved the lives of more than 20 American soldiers (myself included) who had been ambushed by ISIS militants. The Lord was faithful in protecting us and keeping our wits sharp during a very dangerous event. His hand orchestrated the appropriate pieces to fall into place exactly as needed. We must always remember that it is better to be surrounded by our enemies and in the Father’s will than to be safe at home and outside of His will.

Benjamin Daniel
Fall 2012 – Fall 2013

Married June 23, 2018 Currently working at North Star Bevavioral Hospital as a Mental Health Specialist level III, recently promoted to a manager at the facility.

Emily Fiscus

Paul Nicely slipped quietly home on December 18, 2018. He had been ill for some time with Lewy Body Dementia. Paul had returned to Waxahachie to spend his final days in Pleasant Manor Health and Rehabilitation while she lived in town. They spent time together singing while Paul continued praying for other residents. She continues living here and working in Freedom Fellowship International where she finds a way to continue ministry to hurting people.

Vickie Nicely

My wife and I graduated from SAGU in 2013. We loved our time there as on-campus graduate students and have great memories of SAGU! We now have two wonderful children, Melody (6yrs) and Ian (4yrs). We have been serving in church ministry as assistant pastors for the last 8 years in El Paso, TX. I recently completed my doctoral journey in April, 2018 (Doctor of Education in Organizational Leadership, GCU). SAGU was such a blessing in our lives and will always hold a special place in our hearts!

Tony Garza

Kevin Culpepper (’98) completed his Doctor of Education degree from the University of the Cumberlands (’16) and will be inducted into his former high schools, Robert E. Lee High School, Hall of Fame in Montgomery, He has accepted a new role at the Alabama State Department of Education as Project Manager for Child Nutrition Programs. Cami, his wife, just celebrated her 5th year as Children’s Director/Minister at Frazer Church and is presently involved with the continuation of the churches kid’s television program, “That Kids Show”. Carli, their oldest child is completing her freshman year at Mississippi College and has applied for an internship with the Alabama Governor’s Office. Cara, the youngest, is completing her sophomore year of high school.

Kevin Culpepper

I have a Bachelor of Arts in Christian Education! Dr – Before Dr Leroy Bartel both taught me 2 years then he moved to Graduate school in Springfield where is he?

Bernadine Ruiz

My sister, Norene (Sewell) Anderson, class of 1969, and her husband, DeWayne Anderson, currently pastoring in Las Cruces, NM, will celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary April 4th, 2019. Please include this in your March alumni news.

Don Sewell
August 1967-May 1972 (Asst.Dean of Men/Dean of Men)

It’s a busy life! Many of us live life similar to the hamster inside the hamster wheel. We’re forever running, exerting tons of energy, but going nowhere and accomplishing nothing significant. It’s so frustrating! Must life always be this way? Christian author and speaker, Karen Norton, has recently published her third book, Marginalysis, Building Margin into our Busy Lives, and she wrote it for overly busy people—the student, busy mom, those in the ministry, in the workplace, single or married with kids, and the over-scheduled family. Life seems out of balance, and the everyday stress and pressure can be overwhelming. If you see yourself here, Karen invites you to stop spinning your wheel, step back, and take a long look at yourself. Only eighty-two pages in length, Marginalysis will help the reader reestablish and maintain healthy margin in their day, add mental clarity and focus, prioritize, reduce stress, be more productive, achieve goals, and regain joy. It will teach you how to build guardrails around your time with God each day so that it does not become a casualty of the edge. Karen writes, “My prayer as you read Marginalysis is that God will teach you personally what you need to know to live fully within the boundaries He has established for your life in order to be healthy and more productive. Boundaries are not restrictive; they create long-term health. A quote from Clint Eastwood in one of his Dirty Harry movies sums it up pretty well: ‘A man has got to know his limitations.’” Marginalysis, Building Margin into our Busy Lives is available online through Amazon and Barnes & Noble. She invites you to visit her website at

Karen Norton

since graduation in 2006 with my bachelors in church ministries I have been in a wide range of ministries. Youth for Christ, youth pastor, and associate pastor. It has been an exciting road. I also have gotten married to the most amazing wife, Lyonie Sewell. And we are currently adopting our little baby girl SarahGrace ElisabethGene Sewell. We are currently in Toledo Oregon and seeking God’s will and ministering in Toledo and the Oregon Coast. Since Gradiation I have also become a disc golfer and use the sport to reach the lost.

Daymond Sewell

Congratulations to the Reverends Clarence (1949) and Lorene (Clifton) Lambert (1948-1949) on achieving 70 years of marriage on June 11, 2019! The Lambert reside in Owasso, Oklahoma where Rev. Lambert is Pastor Emeritus of Owasso First Assembly of God.

Clarence Lambert


Sarai Honeycutt
2016 – 2018

In January of 2019 my book, Explaining Evil: Four Views, was published by Bloomsbury Academic. In this book I asked four prominent philosophers (two Christians and two atheists) to give their account of why evil exists. The four contributors all read and respond to one another’s account which makes for an interesting exchange of ideas about this difficult issue. I’d like to thank Jeff Magruder who first got me interested in philosophy in general and the problem of evil in particular (via our classroom discussions about the book of Job).

Paul Franks

Carmen Isela Vilchis

Bob passed away Jan. 10, 2019 with lymphoma.

Pat Rannells

Michelle Murrell
1992-1996, 1999-2002

Robert and Nicole have been married for 12 years and have two beautiful children, Calvin (age 10), Constance (age 7). Robert is a Project Manager for a construction company based in Houston Texas. Nicole works as a Network Security Consultant for CDW, specializing in next-generation firewalls, network access control, and advanced endpoint inspection.

Nicole Amsler

Sarah Heider

Rafael Herrera
1984 – 1988

My husband and I just got married on February 2nd, 2019. We own and operate our own photography business, I do HR and Executive assistant work for a wonderful travel company called Centrav, Inc. I have worked here for 2.5 years and couldn’t be more happy with this job. My husband and I attend and serve at River Valley Church in MPLS, MN.

Rachel Sawatzky
Fall 2010-Fall 2013

Katelynn Pearson

Michael Hendon

Gregorio Campirano

Regan Merrill

Cassie Wilson

Joshua Mings

Dora Vasquez

Brandi Wren

Emily Baldwin

Angie Guidry

Leeon Juarez

Brooke Washum

Alisha Nicolello

Amelia Keith

Kenni Parker

Nate Kallal

Justin James

Sarah Mayes

Sara Moore

Madison Bacon

Tyler Staton

Deion Sewell

Richard Crowdon

Fille Kinyamahanga

Priscilla Lariz

Brent Gwin

Jess McCloskey

Stephen Davis

Reggie McElhannon

Renee Sena

Becky Anthony

Tonya Harris

Witney Queen

Emily Sullivan

Trevor Schexneider

James Swearingin

Amber Perkins

Jennifer Pruitt

Renee Davis

Luisa Plouch

Kacie Dalrymple

Jacquelyn Richatdson-Jillard

Jason Frazier

Billy Moore

Maria Elena Perez

Joshua Rivera

Eunice Tyler

Laura Wendt

Nancy Dearman

Cheryl Severns

Maurice Jones

Madison Clark

Bethany M. Huh

Tony Morgan

David Flores

Andre Davis

Baileigh Tate

Jennifer Fuller

Taylor Choate

Aaron Bodey

David Mendez

Daniel Fields

Laura Vaughn

Meagan Sellers

Zoe Langston

Jillian Rogers

Gideon Sanders

Melvin Rogers

Ester Saldivar

Joyce Almaguer

Glenn Beaver

Ansley Hornaday

Jaimee Silva

Barbara Sheddan

Austin Henderson

Robert Miller

Janet Drew

Brandon Morgan

Eugene Gill

Alexis Whitaker

Don Goshorn

Brittany Howell

Jonathan Utley

Ruth Roberts

Heather Gilliam

Eunice Vivas

Krista Bryant

Ronna Dans

Dave McNaughton

Joy Sixtos

Dwayne Word

Howard Nesmith

Danielle Martin

Mary Stafford

Daytrian Henson

Angelia Winn

Richard Fontaine

Kevin Tapscott

Melissa McCoy

Aubrie MacQueen

Andria Aguilar

Michael Minter

Jason Perez

Clayton Claunch

George kent

Lauren Russell

Brooke Wagner

Randall Chase

Rhoda Field

Tessa Quiett

Eric Bates

Dorothy Mills

Cheryl Severns

Emeris Kreamer

Bervin Haase


J David Ford

Marsha F Taylor

Thomas McEwen


Alexandra Martinez

Heather Bailey

Michelle Atterson

Pam Kimery


Lynnsey Solorio

Rafael Herrera

Justice Ming

Mike Hodge

Summer Skillern


Daniel Valdez

Carol Russell

Rachel Jumper

Brittany Pridemore

Jennie Ewers

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John Flores

Julie Cox

Gloria Ramos

Eric Simms

Joshua Baker

Monica Cobar

Megan Natale

Luke Bonzelaar

Duane Winkler

Holden Lane

Taylor-Lynn Louis

Marcia Fitzpatrick


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Andrew Maniaci

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River Heidecker

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Judy Snell

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Tom Rhoads

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Lisa Jeffcoat

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Ana Perrin

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Susan Wommack

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Kent Hulbert

Brooklyn Uzoni

Alisha Jonker

MichelleI Vincent

Paula Sicord

Paula Sicord

Lilly Pegourie

Adam Buettner

Emili Harpster

Preston Ulmer

Ashlyn Pelotte

Taylor Morgan

Corinne Perry

Carol Richey

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Josephine Alvarez

Kim Witherspoon

April Patterson

Maria Tovar

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Pamela McKamie

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Jerome Foster

Jenna Tuck

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John Akins

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Ryan McElhany

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Audrey Melugin

Brad Reston

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Al Trotter

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Brian Armas

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James Fields

Mark Sidwell

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Victoria Lime

Wanda Benningfield

Sharon Grey

Holly Bennett

John Upchurch

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Joan Wilkinson

Ronald Wilkinson

Jennifer Hobson

Jorge Solano

Shawn Reine

Richard Tallent

Cassandra Peterson

Heather Tipps

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Carla De La Cruz

Tyler Kutter

Alissa Barnard

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Blake Mauldin

Danielle Gonzalez

Jeremiah Jones

Karla Jones

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Grant Hood

Mary Lanoue

Bud Osborn

Christiana Hughes

Jesse Bautista

Benjamin Roybal

Mathew as Janssens

Jonathan Utley

Fannie Mae Hall


Chris Admire

Ryan Espinosa

Jeremiah Feicht

Jon Allen

David Hunt

Natalie Murrish

Tiffany Wilson

Ricardo Reyes Jr

Ben Fenton

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Kelsey McTaggart

Nicole Miles

Dr. Charlie Satterwhite

Demi Warren

ReyAnna Ferrer

Robien Christie

Areli Guzman Villegas

Laura Thompson

Clement Blair Schlepp

Therese Graham

Nathanael Gallegos

Barbara Kachursky


Chelsea Davis

Chelsea Watkins

Brenden Kowalski

Paul Wallace

Darlene Fuller

Mallorie Lough

Deborah Crabb

Mamie Roberts

Karen Hedrick

Shane Deerman

Sue Scoma

Steven Burns

Steven Burns

Dan Borth

Rhoda Field

Andrea Swords

Michelle Dow

Eunice Tyler

Eunice A. Ebert Please take off mailing list

Marilyn Shuller

Rev. Dr. Charlie Satterwhite

James Bell

Suzanna Carvajal

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Sherry Harmon

Walter Nutt

Alisha Nicolello

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Salvatore Farina

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Deborah Cooper

Erin Goss

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Matthew Brady

Dusty Bean

Dallas Mora

Brady James

Briana Weatherly

Brittany Stewart

Ben Fenton

Kristen Miller

Lindsey Brister

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lorele vanzant

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Jessica Rutland

Erica Kemper

Emily Davison

Sophia Ivy

Tluang Hmung

Samuel Broadus

Jaylynn Arias

Gary Moss

Kenadee Schrock

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Jennifer Spilman

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Nelda Morado

Katherine Fiske

Kelvin Mason

David Maldonado

Nickole Kettle

Rachelle Rial

Edward Perkins

Corbett Hoxworth

Joseph Paeno

Hannah Moore

Roy Ching

Alan Orcutt

Jennifer Pruitt

Rebeka Sanchez

Alfonso Orocio, MDiv, MHA

Dawna Lopez Wildenstein

Lois Hutchins

Wes sheley

Dallas Horne

Sarah Bennett

Liz Jans

Dorothy Mills

Chris Griffin

Steve Rogers

Valerie Johnson

Timothy Barton

Priscilla Trevino

Kristen Miller

Robert Purvey

Jerome Foster

Rebekah Brewer

Derek Brewer

karen wells

Brooke Washum

Lynnsey Solorio

Angela Fellows

Blake Mauldin

James Davis II

Carolyn Vail

Wyatt Mitcham

Clarrissa Wilber

GraceAnn Hector

Autumn Cagle

Amanda Pierson

Kenneth Perry

Kayla Hall

James (JW) Hall

William McCray

Jordan Wright

Samuel Serrano

Karen Freeman

Lacey Godsby


Stephen McKiearnan

Troy Davis

Thais Saenz

Cesar Espana

Landon Orrill

Tammy Screws

Natalie Espana

Brad Reston

Robien Christie

Dakota Hinton

Preston Hornbeck

Mark White

Jonathan Greene

Donald Niccum Jr

Murl Winters

Bryan Brooks

Matthew Williams

Tim Reed

Linda Aguirre Diaz

Taylor Choate

Jared Anderson

Gregorio Campirano

Priscila Saenz

Gilbert Daniel Olivarez

Alicia Allard

Anthony Skeet

Jessica Little

Brian Bougher

Moises Duran

Mark Pena

Omar Marines

Sam Puente

Ricardo Hernandez

Jessica Hernandez

Brittainey Allen

Aaron Coats

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