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Student Financial Aid Information

SAGU makes available to prospective and enrolled students information about:

  • all need-based and non-need-based federal, state, local, private, and institutional student financial assistance programs available to students who enroll at St. Gregory’s University
  • terms and conditions of Title IV, HEA loans
  • criteria for selecting recipients and for determining amount of award
  • eligibility requirements and procedures for applying for aid
  • methods and frequency of disbursement of aid
  • rights and responsibilities of students receiving Title IV, HEA student financial aid, including criteria for continued student eligibility and standards for satisfactory academic progress
  • terms of any loan received as part of financial aid package, sample loan repayment schedule, and the necessity for repaying loans
  • a statement that enrollment in a program of study abroad approved for credit by the home institution may be considered enrollment in the home institution for purposes of applying for federal student financial aid
  • general conditions and terms applicable to employment provided as part of financial aid package
  • exit counseling information the institution provides and collects

This information may be accessed in the following locations:

If you are unable to locate the information you need from the links above, please email SAGU Financial Aid or call 972.825.4730

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