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Refund Policy

Each institution must make available to prospective and enrolled students information about the institution's refund policy.


Refunds of accounts with overpayment due to financial aid will be made within 14 days after the school has received the financial aid from the vendor and it has been applied to the student's account.


Upon withdrawal/termination, all amounts due to SAGU are payable in full. No refund is given for fees. All Financial Aid that was previously awarded for subsequent semesters in the current school year is cancelled at the time the student withdraws. In order for the student to be re-awarded, he/she must submit a written notice of intent to re-enroll to the Financial Aid Office.

All Sessions

Any student who withdraws/terminates or drops a class during the fall or spring semester will be refunded according to the following policy. No refund is given for fees and charges.

Tuition, Room, and Board are refundable based on the following schedule:

Week of Late Registration 100%
Third Week of Classes 75%
Fourth Week of Classes 50%
Fifth Week of Classes 25%

For specific dates, please see the academic calendar.

After the fifth week of classes NO refunds will be made on tuition or room and board charges.

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