NOW ENROLLING: Registration for Fall II online courses begins Monday, 9/25. Hurry!
Classes begin October 10. (apply now and receive a special online tuition grant.)

CRITERIA: When a teacher’s school employer will pay one-third of a student’s tuition and the teacher pays their one-third, then SAGU will provide a grant that pays for the final one-third.  Grant only applies to tuition.  Fees are not included.  Payment must be received from the school and student before SAGU can disburse the grant.

AMOUNT: Maximum amount is equal to one-third of a student’s tuition, when both a school and teacher pay their one-third.

APPLICATION/DEADLINE: Student’s should provide a written statement from the school on letterhead showing the amount that the school will pay by August 1 for fall semesters, November 15 for spring semesters, and April 15 for summer semesters.

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