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Federal Subsidized & Unsubsidized Direct Loans


Direct loans are guaranteed by the Department of Education; there will be no credit check to determine eligibility. The interest rate on these loans is variable (might change each year) but does not exceed 8.25%. If you have subsidized loans, you won’t be charged interest while you’re enrolled in school at least half-time (6 hours), during a grace period, or during authorized periods of deferment. Interest will accrue when you enter repayment. If you have unsubsidized loans, you will be charged interest from the day the loan is disbursed until it is paid in full, including in-school, grace, deferment, and forbearance periods. You can pay the interest during these periods, or it can be capitalized (added to the principal).


After you graduate, leave school, or drop below half time enrollment (6 hours), you have a six-month grace period before repayment begins. During the grace period on a subsidized loan, you won’t have to pay any principal and you won’t be charged interest. During the grace period on an unsubsidized loan, you won’t have to pay any principal, but you will be charged interest. As mentioned, you can either pay the interest or it will be capitalized.

Annual Amounts

*Loans are prorated for partial year enrollment

Undergraduate Subsidized:

  • Freshman $3,500
  • Sophomore $4,500
  • Junior $5,500
  • Senior $5,500

Undergraduate Unsubsidized:

  • Dependent $2,000
  • Independent (Freshman & Sophomore) $6,000
  • Independent (Junior & Senior) $7,000

Graduate Unsubsidized

  • $20,500

Aggregate Lifetime Loan Limit:

*Direct Loans have an aggregate limit on the amount that a student can borrow in their lifetime

Undergraduate (Dependent):

  • Subsidized $23,000
  • Unsubsidized $8,000
  • Total $31,000

Undergraduate (Independent):

  • Subsidized $23,000
  • Unsubsidized $34,500
  • Total $57,500


  • Unsubsidized Total $138,500
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