It is almost time for you to start your journey as a SAGU Lion! Moving away to college can be a nerve racking thing, so check out the list below in order to be prepared on what to bring to college.

Dorm Checklist – What to Bring

What's provided for you

  • Bed
  • Chair
  • Desk
  • Closet space and dresser
  • Mini-fridge and microwave

While your individual needs may vary, here’s a good list of necessities to get you started.

  • Bed linens such as blanket, bedspread, pillow, mattress pad and sheets
  • Towels and washcloths
  • Toiletries/medications
  • Clothes/shoes and hangers
  • Laundry supplies such as a laundry basket or bag, detergent and dryer sheets
  • School supplies

Suggested extras

You may want to make your dorm room feel more like home, so you may consider bringing some extras along with you:

  • Bedside or desk lamp
  • Pictures or wall art
  • Bulletin board/dry erase board
  • Snacks
  • Organizing bins
  • Television
  • Bathrobe
  • Curtains (Blinds are provided)

(Just remember you can’t use anything permanent or damaging, such as nails, to attach anything to your dorm walls. Command strips are certainly ok, as they remove from the wall with ease.)

Clothing tip

SAGU has recently made changes to the dress code for students, but modest dress is the standard on campus. It is also a good idea to bring some business casual or professional dress with you for presentations, interviews, scholarship receptions and other occasions.

Don’t forget the tech

Since Wi-Fi is available throughout the campus, many students find that having a personal laptop is beneficial so they can do work or study anywhere on campus or at local coffee shops and restaurants.

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