Live Smart

Recent Research of college students across the nation indicates that students who live on campus are more satisfied with their college experience, earn higher grade point averages, and are more likely to graduate. (According to the American Council on Education)

Live Close

Why drive when you can walk! In five minutes, you can be anywhere on campus; classes, chapel, cafeteria, gym, library, computer labs, bookstore, friends and campus offices like the Registrars office, Financial Aid and Student Development. Time is money.

Live Connected

There is a real disconnection for students who live off campus. Easy access to friends, faculty and staff is hindered. Participation in ministries, groups, activities, games and events is less likely for off campus students. There are many opportunities to serve and leadership and earn scholarships for students who live on campus.

Live Cheaper

At first glance, living off-campus often seems like a good option. All the cost have to be considered—like rent, deposits, water, electric, cable, internet, phone service, furniture, food, etc. This does not take into account the time involved in driving, gas, purchasing food, etc. Is it really worth all the hassle and disconnection just to save a few dollars?

Live Secure

Campus security is on call and patrolling our campus 24/7, every day of the year. They protect our students and their vehicles. Every Residence Hall is staffed with a Residence Director and Residence Assistants who monitor the halls for strangers. Surveillance cameras are located throughout the campus.

Live Supported

Living on campus offers each student the emotional, spiritual, social and academic support to succeed as a student. Every Residence Hall has a Residence Director available 24 hours a day. Every individual hall is staffed with a trained student leader who is there to show personal support to the students. Faculty, staff , professional counselors and administration are available and close. Study groups, devotions, fellowships and prayer meetings are a regular part of the support program.

Live In Community

Living on campus allows the student to know what is going on and be part of it. Learning about different types of people with various backgrounds can be an opportunity for the student to develop a more balanced world view. There is a feeling of family that cannot be duplicated off campus. Community communicates a sense of care and acceptance.

Live Challenged

Live with others who hold a similar faith and will challenge your own spiritual formation. Enjoy prayer meetings, devotions and spiritual discussions. Battling bad life habits and temptations isn’t as difficult with roommates and hall mates who offer support and accountability.

Live Together

Let’s face it. Isolation, on a regular bases, is not a healthy practice. We need each other and we need the resources that are offered in the campus environment.

Live, Live, Live

Experience the whole package of college life by living on campus. Enjoy your college experience. Make memories, friendships and maybe find a mate in the process. Why the rush? You have the rest of your life to live off campus.

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