Weekly Prayer Ministries

World Prayer

To inspire passionate informative prayer with the vision and heart to see lives saved through spirit guided intercession!
Mondays: 6-7 PM in the Jeter Prayer Room

Jumaa Prayer

To intercede for Muslims around the world, and to spread a passion in the student body for the growing Muslim world in need of the Gospel!
Fridays: 12-1 PM in the Jeter Prayer Room

Encounter Prayer

To unite the student body in prayer for the campus, and to ignite a passion for the things of the Lord!
Thursdays: 7-9:30 PM in the Jeter Prayer Room

Revolution Prayer

To dedicate intercessory time for the United States through informed prayer points relative to events occurring.
Tuesdays: 6-7 PM

Semester Prayer Ministries

All Night Prayer

To unite the student body through a night devoted to prayer for personal and municipal breakthrough, as well as to gather, as part of the body of Christ, in intercession for the needs around the world!
Selected Friday night, 11pm-5am. Occurs once a semester.

**All prayer groups meet in the Jeter Prayer Room in the Sheaffer Center unless otherwise noted

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