Transition is an important aspect of going to college. Here at SAGU we strive to make the transition between home and college as smooth as possible. We have 5 resident directors, Dorm Pastors, along with 32 student leaders, Resident Assistants, who are trained and dedicated to the task of helping students in this transition. Our goal is to provide a living and learning environment that facilitates the social, spiritual and academic success of each student under our care.

What are Residence Halls like?

Bridges M/F Y Y Y
Guynes M/F Y Y N
Kendrick F Some Y N
Savell M/F N N N
Teeter M/F Y Y Y

When will I receive a specific room assignment?

New students cannot be assigned a room until the Admissions office has received the $150.00 Residence Hall Deposit, has completed a housing application, and the student has been accepted or pre-accepted to SAGU. When a new student is placed, a packet will be sent by mail from the Residential Life office. The packet will include information on student portal access and move-in procedures.

Who will my roommate be?

As part of the admissions process, new students will fill out a housing application. This form is used to gather basic information about the student in order for the Residential Life office to attempt to make a reasonably compatible match. Your roommate’s name will be listed in your student portal on the My Housing Tab.

May I select a roommate?

There is a space on the housing application for a new student to request a specific roommate. Since students are placed on a weekly basis, it is important that both students complete their application and send their deposits as close together as possible.

What if I do not get placed in/with my first choice residence hall or roommate?

The Residential Life office makes every attempt to place new students in the residence hall of their choice, or with the roommate of their choice. Naturally however, we have a limited capacity for each residence hall, and although we guarantee dorm residence, we cannot guarantee a specific residence hall or roommate. Room changes may be made through your dorm pastor for a short period of time after late registration.

When do I need to arrive on campus?

New students may move into their rooms on the first day of New Student Orientation. Note: Due to significant increases in enrollment, every student living in the residence halls must be checked into their assigned room by 5:00 pm on the first day of registration, unless other arrangements have been made. Any student not checked in may lose their reservation.

Are private rooms available?

Single occupancy rooms are available only when space provides. If a private room is available after late registration, an additional fee of half of the cost of another person for the room will be added to the students account. The University reserves the right to assign full occupancy of all rooms on campus. Requests for single rooms are honored on a first come, first served basis with priority given to returning students.

What are the rooms furnished with?

All rooms are furnished with a bed, dresser, and a desk for each student. They are also furnished with a Micro Fridge (microwave/refrigerator combo), network and phone lines, and a VoIP phone. Bridges and Teeter Halls have limited cable TV access.

What is a VoIP phone?

A Voice Over IP phone (VoIP) is the phone service is provided via the campus computer network. This system requires a special phone, which is provided for the student. Local calls, voice mail, an electronic campus directory, caller ID, and call waiting are all available to students for no additional charge. If a student needs to call long distance, they must call collect or use a prepaid phone card. If you want to receive any telephone calls from your family and friends, you will be responsible for providing them with your phone number, as the Federal Privacy Act prevents the school from giving this information to anyone.

Are the beds standard size?

The beds at SAGU have extra-long mattresses. Deep pocket twin sheets or extra-long twin sheets will fit the beds and are available from most department stores. In some cases, normal twin size sheets will fit.

What are the refund policies?

The Residence Hall Deposit fee is $150. $50 is non-refundable. When the student arrives and checks in, the other $100 dollars is credited to their school bill. If a student decides not to attend SAGU, the Enrollment Office must receive written notice no later than July 15 (Fall Semester) or December 10 (Spring Semester). If the student provides the Enrollment Office with this written documentation, $100 will be refunded to the student.

What residential bathroom facilities are provided?

Savell and Collins Halls have community bathrooms centrally located on each hall. Rooms in Guynes, Teeter, and Bridges are arranged in a suite style with two rooms being connected by one bathroom. Kendrick Hall has some rooms connected in a suite style and some that have private bathrooms.

What items can I bring and what items should I leave at home?

Entertainment: Stereos, computers, TV’s, VCR’s, and DVD players are allowed. “R” rated movies/DVD’s and music that is not conducive to a Christian environment are prohibited.

Electric: Coffee makers, irons, and hotpots may be brought. Toasters, electric skillets, hot plates, and similar open heating appliances are not permitted.

Decoration: Dorm residents are permitted to personalize their rooms with their own furnishings. However, residents are encouraged to remember that rooms are limited in size and roommates share an equal right to decorate the room. Pictures and posters may be hung with sticky-tack or taped and hooks. Nails are not to be driven into the walls, closets, or furniture. Students may bring carpet. Students are also permitted to bring love seats or small couches, if space is available. Room measurements and roommate contact information will be mailed prior to New Student Orientation. No fish or other pets are allowed in the residence halls.

Will I be able to access the Internet from my room?

Yes! All rooms are equipped with one network plug per student. This can be used for a desktop, laptop, or gaming system. In addition, SAGU provides complete wireless coverage for the campus. If you have any problems connecting, please see your RA or Dorm Pastor for instructions, or contact the Information Technology office at 972-825-4751.

What amenities are provided/available?

Washers and dryers are provided as part of the amenities package in each residence hall. Vending Machines are located in residence halls as well as most buildings on campus. Founder’s Bookstore, the Student Center, the Grill, the Lion’s Den Game Room, Weight Rooms and gyms are available for student use.

Do I have to attend New Student Orientation?

Yes. New Student Orientation is mandatory for all freshmen and transfer students. It is imperative that new students get off to a smooth start and NSO helps to accomplish that start for each student.

Does SAGU provide transportation to/from the airport?

For New Student Orientation and student move-in, Southwestern provides airport pickup only. However, it is only provided the Saturday of New Student Orientation or the business week before during business hours. For more information, or to request airport transportation, please contact the Enrollment Office.

Will I be able to receive packages and/or mail?

Upon arriving on the campus, students will be assigned a mailbox from the Campus Post Office, located in the Barnes Student Center. All students will have a personal address where they will be able to receive mail and/or packages. These addresses will not be assigned to the student until he/she arrives on campus and it is the responsibility of the student to provide this information to family and friends, as the Federal Privacy Act prohibits the campus from releasing this information to anyone other than the student.

How do I get in touch with someone in the Residential Life Office?

You can reach the Residential Life Office by phone at (972) 825-4748 or by email at [email protected] . If you need to get in touch with the Dean of Students, you can email Lance Meche or call (972) 825-4747.

SAGU fosters a community life on its campus that will properly reflect a Christian attitude. Cooperation, respect for the rights of others, respect for property, respect for authority, cleanliness and good personal habits are factors that are important in residence hall life. Violations of these standards could result in a fine or further disciplinary action.

An on-campus student is any student living in a residence hall. All students under 23 years of age are expected to live in one of the Residence Halls. All students who are 23 years of age or older must be approved by the Dean of Students to reside in a residence hall.

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