What To Do When Things Go Wrong

At some point in your educational career, you will experience a technical problem. When that happens, the following steps will help you get back on track with minimal interruption to your semester.

Don’t panic

Most problems can be resolved quickly. Even if they are more complicated, instructors usually understand when students have done their best to get work done on time

Check the eHelp FAQ

Some problems are common and relatively easy to resolve. Consulting our Frequently Asked Questions page can often save you time and effort.

Contact SDE Technical Support as soon as possible

If your problem is not represented on the FAQ page, or if you simply need some additional guidance, the SDE Technical Support team can help. You can submit a ticket or call us at 1-888-243-3807 .

When contacting us, please be detailed and specific about the problem you are having , and include the following information to help us better understand the problem:

  • Include the name of the course(s) in which you are having the problem and its instructor .
  • If the problem is regarding course lectures, include which lecture(s) you can’t access.
  • Include any error messages you are receiving.
  • Include information on the computer you are using. (For example, is it a PC or a Mac computer? What browser do you use?
  • When calling, be ready with your FERPA password in case we need to verify your identity.

Contact your Instructor

Communication is a key to being successful in Distance Education courses, especially when there is a problem. If you have a problem that may affect getting an assignment submitted or a test taken on time, let you instructor know that you are having technical problems and that your work may be late. It also helps to let them know that you have already contacted Technical Support.

Academic Support

The following support is provided to you as a distance education student:
  1. Assistance with academic writing styles (including paper development, formatting, and editing)
  2. Assistance with time management strategies
  3. Assistance with effective study and reading comprehension strategies
You can reach SAGU Support at [email protected] to receive the assistance you may need throughout the semester.

Tech Support

Call 888-243-3807

Electronic Campus

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