Date Time Opponent Score
01/26Randall University1-0
01/26Randall University12-8
01/27Randall University8-2
01/27Randall University15-8
02/02Huston-Tillotson (Texas)4-5
02/02Huston-Tillotson (Texas)6-4
02/03Huston-Tillotson (Texas)9-4
02/03Huston-Tillotson (Texas)10-13
02/09Wiley (Texas)6-4
02/09Manhattan Christian14-10
02/10Wiley (Texas)1-12
02/15Southwestern Christian (Okla.) *4-5
02/16Southwestern Christian (Okla.) *0-1
02/16Southwestern Christian (Okla.) *0-4
02/26Mid-America Christian (Okla.) *1-19
02/26Mid-America Christian (Okla.) *3-9
02/27Mid-America Christian (Okla.) *9-10
03/02Science & Arts (Okla.) *11-10
3/3/2018Science & Arts (Okla.) *5-7
3/3/2018Science & Arts (Okla.) *12-20
03/09Bacone (Okla.) *1-3
03/09Bacone (Okla.) *3-13
03/10Bacone (Okla.) *0-8
03/13Jarvis Christian (Texas)3-15
03/13Jarvis Christian (Texas)4-5
03/16Texas Wesleyan *4-7
03/17Texas Wesleyan *5-6
03/17Texas Wesleyan *3-15
03/20Oklahoma Wesleyan9-16
03/20Oklahoma Wesleyan6-16
03/30Oklahoma Panhandle State *8-5
03/30Oklahoma Panhandle State *4-3
03/31Oklahoma Panhandle State *15-5
04/03Texas College9-10
04/03Texas College0-12
04/07College of the Ozarks (Mo.)4-15
04/07College of the Ozarks (Mo.)4-6
04/08College of the Ozarks (Mo.)7-16
04/08College of the Ozarks (Mo.)7-11
04/10Jarvis Christian (Texas)2-3
04/10Jarvis Christian (Texas)17-8
04/13Oklahoma City *2-7
04/14Oklahoma City *4-7
04/14Oklahoma City *6-10
04/19Central Christian (Kan.) *0-13
04/20Central Christian (Kan.) *0-9
04/20Central Christian (Kan.) *1-9
04/27Wayland Baptist (Texas) *9-7
04/28Wayland Baptist (Texas) *3-13
04/28Wayland Baptist (Texas) *3-15
*denotes Conference games
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