SAGU Advancement

As a no-cost service to Assemblies of God constituents, AG Financial Solutions has developed this program and partnered with SAGU to provide document forms to those who desire to leave a gift of at least ten percent (10%) of their final estate to SAGU, Southwestern Foundation, an AG ministry or an AG church of their choice. It is an honor to provide will forms at no cost for those who desire to bless ministry through charitable gifts upon their death.

You should understand that the documents prepared under the Testamentary Services program are not a replacement for consultation with a local attorney, and nothing provided by SAGU or AG Financial Solutions should be considered legal advice. SAGU and AG Financial Solutions (including all of its affiliated entities) are not law firms, and the employees and representatives of SAGU and AG Financial Solutions are not acting as your attorney. SAGU and AG Financial Solutions do not practice law, and the information contained in this program is not legal advice. The Testamentary Services program is not intended to create an attorney-client relationship, and by using this program, no attorney-client relationship will be created with SAGU or AG Financial Solutions.

AG Financial Solutions’ Testamentary Services program only provides document forms completed with information you provide, and, by using this program, you agree that SAGU and AG Financial Solutions and its affiliated entities assume no responsibility for your use of those forms. Our services include reviewing your answers for completeness, spelling & grammar, as well as internal consistency of names, addresses and similar information, and you alone are responsible for the execution and use of the documents and determination as to whether the documents are appropriate to meet your needs or desires.

Click here to download the Will and Trust Planning Packet.

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