Missions Trip

It is our initiative at SAGU to pray, proclaim the Gospel, and send workers to every nation on earth. We believe God has called SAGU to commit these next 10 years to place a mission team on the ground in every nation of the world and every state of China and India.


Mission to reach the World

There are a total of 261 nations and states of China and India. In order to fulfill this vision, team leaders and assistant team leaders will be enabled, equipped, and empowered to lead their peers overseas to minister in foreign nations. The ultimate goal of Mission TEN is to expose students to the world of missions and challenge them to serve in the field for a longer period of time.

To serve the missionary body and local churches through opportunities that will raise awareness of world needs, strengthen callings, and develop leadership skills.


Student:Faculty ratio


Financial Aid awarded annually


Lower degree cost than other private, non-profit universities

Bosnia & Herzegovina Botswana Canary Islands Dominica England Gabon Georgia Hungary
England Luxembourg Malta Dominican Republic Micronesia Montana Paraguay Saint Vincent & The Grenadines Slovakia
Illinois: Chicago Dream Center Maryland: Baltimore Dream Center Ohio: Special Touch Wyoming: Jackson Hole
Singapore South Africa South Korea Spain Sri Lanka Tanzania Turkey Tunisia United Kingdom Uganda Ukraine United States Uruguay
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