SAGU Advancement

The following specific endowment funds have been established based on the University’s long-term needs. By contributing to one of these existing endowment funds, you are assured maximum benefits for the University while supporting those programs in which you have a special personal interest.

These endowment funds are appropriate for gifts in memory of loved ones. The principal is permanently preserved and the earnings provide perpetual support for the program that best portrays the ideals and interests of the honoree. For the same reason, these existing endowment funds are also appropriate for bequeaths in wills and for proceeds from trusts.

General Endowment Fund

Earnings from this fund support the University’s budget for salaries, maintenance, utilities, furniture, fixtures, educational equipment, supplies, and other general operating expenses. This is the University’s greatest need and is a top priority of the Foundation. Contributions of any size are greatly appreciated.

Physical Facilities Endowment Funds

  • P.C. Nelson Memorial Library Endowment Fund
  • Athletic Facilities Endowment Fund
  • Campus Preservation and Maintenance Endowment

Academic Program Endowment Funds

  • Pastoral Ministries Endowment
  • Christian Education Endowment
  • Elementary and Secondary Education Endowment
  • Business Administration Endowment
  • Missions Ministries Endowment
  • Children’s Ministries Endowment
  • Youth Ministries Endowment
  • Music Ministries Endowment

Endowed Scholarships

Endowed scholarship funds are vital. These funds provide financial aid that enables students of all financial backgrounds to enroll at SAGU.

General Scholarship Fund

Earnings from this fund are used exclusively for scholarship awards for deserving students. Recipients are determined in the spring semester of each year by the University’s Scholarship Committee, which maintains a balance of members from among the University’s various departments.

Named Scholarship Endowments

This type of scholarship endowment is designed to allow the donor an opportunity to participate in setting criteria for the student recipient, and to establish a name for the scholarship. To establish a named scholarship, a minimum donation of $20,000 is necessary. This can be done at once or given through periodic payments.

When the fund reaches $20,000, the scholarship is named in honor of the donor(s). The following year a scholarship is awarded and presented by the donor or selected representative at the Annual Scholarship Awards luncheon held in April. Additional gifts to this fund can be made at any time to increase its scholarship value, which is based on earnings during the previous year.

View a list of Endowed Scholarships

Organizational Endowment Funds

  • Alumni Association Endowment Fund
  • Southwestern Women’s Auxiliary Endowment Fund

Assemblies of God District Scholarship Funds

Earnings from these funds provide scholarships each year to qualified students from the named District. Each District determines recipients.

  • Arkansas District Scholarship Fund
  • Louisiana District Scholarship Fund
  • Mississippi District Scholarship Fund
  • New Mexico District Scholarship Fund
  • North Texas District Scholarship Fund
  • Oklahoma District Scholarship Fund
  • South Texas District Scholarship Fund
  • West Texas District Scholarship Fund

Types of Gifts

Contributions to any of the above funds can be in the form of cash, check, matching company gifts, stocks, bonds, real estate, oil and gas royalties or other such assets.

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