Rev. Basil Green and Rev. Juanita Sexton Green Memorial Scholarship

Basil and Juanita Green had a great love for SAGU. Juanita, five of their children and many other family members attended Southwestern. Their daughter, Myrna Green Wyckoff, was director of financial aid for many years and their son-in-law, Dr. John Wyckoff, taught at SAGU for over four decades. Basil and Juanita worked tirelessly in the Kingdom of God. They never accumulated much worldly wealth, but laid up much treasure in heaven. They were unassuming servants who trusted God and followed Him throughout their lives. The goal of the Rev. Basil Green and Rev. Juanita Sexton Green Memorial Scholarship is to help others who answer God’s call, fulfill their mission.


Basil Green was born in Wellington, Kansas in 1917. He was the third of five children. Despite moving many times during his early years, Basil did well in school. By the time he finished 8th grade, the depression was in full swing. Basil quit school to work the farm, while his dad traveled to find work as a machinist. After several years of difficult farming during the dust bowl, Basil became restless. He wandered the Midwest, riding trains and looking for work. It wasn’t long before he became homesick. After returning home, Basil found his way to a small country church and accepted Jesus as his savior. He was 19 years old. Shortly after getting saved, Basil felt God’s call on his life. Basil made the decision to attend High School at Jabbok Bible School in Thomas, OK. He worked his way through school, doing maintenance and working in the school’s dairy. At the age of 25, Basil finished High School and was class valedictorian. Following graduation, Basil married a classmate, Rema Cosper. He spent several years in the Army, serving as a lab technician. Following the war, Basil and Rema attended an Assembly of God church, where they were both filled with the Holy Ghost. Basil and Rema had three girls. A few weeks after giving birth to their last daughter, Rema went to be with the Lord.


Juanita Sexton was born in Jennings, LA in 1925. She was the oldest of four children. When Juanita was ten, her father abandoned the family. Juanita’s mother Edna had been saved and filled with the Holy Ghost when Juanita was a baby. With hard work and God’s help, Edna managed to keep her children clothed and fed. Every Sunday, she and the kids attended the local Assembly of God church. Juanita was saved and filled with the Holy Ghost at an early age. By the time she graduated high school in 1942, Juanita felt the call to ministry. She attended Southwestern Bible Institute (now SAGU) off and on for the next 10 years. Juanita had to drop out several times to earn money to pay her school bill. She worked as a waitress, telephone operator and store clerk. She traveled as a children's evangelist, putting on one woman vacation Bible schools.

Basil and Juanita

Basil and Juanita met through a mutual friend and Basil later proposed to her on the steps of Collins Hall at Southwestern. They married in 1954 and had 4 more children. For the next 45 years they ministered together. Basil worked in construction and helped to build many churches. He served as a deacon, Sunday school teacher, superintendent and associate pastor. Although she taught people of all ages, Juanita’s passion was with children.

In 1972, Basil, Juanita and the family moved to Lake Arthur, LA to pastor a small A/G church. Basil taught the adult Sunday school class, led singing and preached. Juanita played the piano, taught Sunday school, led Missionettes and coached the Bible quiz team. To support the church and the family, Basil continued to work in construction and Juanita started a nursery school. Although the church was small, the Green’s made a lasting impact on the community. They ministered to many people who would never enter the church building.

In 1979, at the age of 54, Juanita embarked on a new career as an elementary school teacher. She would hold this job for 20 years, until her death in 1999. Through the years, Juanita continued her education. Although she had accumulated many college hours, she had never completed her degree. In 1986, at the age of 60, Rev. Juanita Green walked the stage at SAGC and received a Master’s Degree in Biblical Literature from the Assembly of God Theological Seminary. In her final years, Juanita would teach 1st grade during the day and college Bible classes at night.

After leaving the pastorate, Basil and Juanita never really retired. They made many mission trips to Mexico and Africa. Basil continued to do carpenter work into his 80s. After Juanita passed away, Basil stayed busy helping out around the church and visiting other seniors. A few weeks before he passed away in 2009, the family gathered with Basil for a final Sunday service in his home. Basil reminded everyone of how faithful God had been to him. And at 92, his only regret was that he was no longer able to get out and work for the Lord.

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