SAGU Advancement

A native of Ontario, Canada, Aileen came to the United States in 1950 to attend what was then known as Southwestern Bible Institute (SBI). In the days prior to the affordability and accessibility of flying, numerous Greyhound Bus trips were made between Ontario and Texas. At SBI, she was a dedicated and popular student who became somewhat of campus leader. In 1952, she met a guy from Oklahoma, Lyndal M. Bullock, whom she would marry after graduating in 1954.

Over the years, Aileen assumed numerous responsibilities. Because of her talents she contributed to many community and church-related projects. She also completed a second bachelor’s degree, a teaching certificate, and a master’s degree in Education. Aileen had an insatiable desire to serve others in whatever manner possible. Her strong personality, incredible work ethic, radiant disposition, and winning smile made her loved by many. She was a fastidious dresser, always concerned about being well groomed and loved bright eye-catching earrings. Overall, she had a propensity for life. Having a home that was well organized, warm, and welcoming was important. Another highlight was her “green thumb” and the beautiful flower gardens to which she attended carefully.

For many years, Aileen served as a kindergarten and primary teacher in Oklahoma City, Wichita, and Prairie Village, Kansas. It was acknowledged by both her peers and parents of the children she taught that she was an impressive teacher who was a powerful influence on the students. Speaking from the perspective of an exceedingly proud husband, she transcended all expectations of being human. She loved life, gave love to others, and was the most incredible wife possible. She has been missed every day since she joined the heavenly choir. A special thanks to her for making the world a better place. As a husband, I have been the luckiest person who ever lived.

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