SAGU TEXAS Alternative Teacher Certification

Become a Certified Texas Educator Through SAGU's Alternative Teacher Certification Program.

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Low Pricing

SAGU Alternative Certification is available for a simple package price of $5,155. Coursework: $3,600 Field Supervision: $1,500 Teacher Education Program Application: $55

Master’s (M.Ed.) Credit

Get certified and be halfway toward an M.Ed. When you are done, you will have 18 hours of credit toward your accredited master's degree.

* Receive a priority tuition rate to complete your M.Ed. through Harrison Graduate School.

Financial Aid Available

Unlike some alt-cert programs, SAGU students are eligible for federal financial aid, reducing your out-of-pocket costs. Pay for your certification on your terms.

Be a certified Texas educator in 2 years or less.

Seeking a career change? Follow your passion in education and shape the minds of future generations.

SAGU alternative certification is an alternative to the traditional teacher education certification process in the state of Texas. You will work with credentialed advisors who will review your previous coursework and field-based experience to design a program that assists you in becoming certified.

Students who participate must hold a bachelor’s degree with at least 24 credit hours in an approved field of study. Qualified students must meet SAGU Teacher Education program requirements, pass required content exams, and secure a year-long internship in an accredited school district.

SAGU Teach Texas advisors will work with students through each step of this process.

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Field Experience

Any Alternative Certification program you choose will include an internship during which you will work in a Texas classroom at the grade level and subject area of your choice. The experience you gain during your internship is valuable and will help you gain full certification at the end of your program.

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Take a simple step toward your alternative certification.


We will help you through the process.

SAGU advisors are available to encourage and coach you through the process to become a certified teacher in Texas.

  • Speak with a SAGU Teach Texas academic advisor to determine an action plan.
  • Apply to the Harrison School of Graduate Studies.
  • Determine a content area and pass the PACT exam.
  • Complete the SAGU Teacher Education Program Application.
    The approval process includes passing the THEA exam, completing the TJTA personality assessment, maintaining a qualified GPA, and effectively communicating a desire to become a teacher.
  • Pass the Pedagogy and Professional Responsibilities (PPR) exam.
  • Complete program coursework, including Internship I and Internship II.
  • Complete a one-year internship.
  • Apply for Certification. Once certified, students are officially considered a Texas state teacher.

Questions & Answers

SAGU Alternative Certification (ACP) is a university-based program designed to serve as an alternative to the traditional teacher education certification process in the state of Texas. SAGU faculty and advisors work with highly-motivated individuals who have a passion for teaching. This non-traditional ACP is specifically designed for individuals who have earned a bachelor’s degree and who desire to earn teacher certification in the state of Texas.
Individuals who have earned a bachelor’s degree and have at least 24 credit hours of undergraduate coursework in a specific content area are eligible for the ACP. Individuals must meet with program advisors to review transcripts and determine eligibility.
No. Individuals interested in the ACP can hold a degree in any field.
No. Individuals seeking employment must be hired by an independent school district (ISD) or TEA approved charter school and meet district employment qualifications.
Yes. Texas law requires all program candidates to complete a minimum of 30 hours in an approved classroom. These experiences allow individuals to experience the day-to-day functions of a classroom, network with teachers and principals, and determine the grade level where they are most compatible. This requirement must be completed prior to the internship.
SAGU Alternative Certification is approved through the Texas Education Agency to offer certification in a wide variety of fields. A complete list can be found at:Educator Certification Online System.
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