SAGU at Oaks Church

SAGU at Oaks Church equips students for effective leadership in ministry, business, and non-profit leadership through hands-on leadership training and an accredited degree.

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Gain hands-on experience in leadership that complements classroom learning. Complete 4 years of leadership experience in a healthy, vibrant and growing church. Experience includes staff mentorship, project management, volunteerism training, access to pastoral staff and weekly staff meetings, schedule flexibility and accountability.

Accredited Degrees

Undergraduate Options

  • BA Church Leadership
  • BA Business
  • BS Human Services

Graduate Options

  • MBA Business Administration
  • MA Organizational Leadership
  • MA Practical Theology

Financial Aid

SAGU at Oaks Church students are eligible for federal financial aid. Students may also qualify for select scholarships available exclusively through The Oaks Church.

Earn your degree and gain experience at SAGU at Oaks Church.


There are more than 25 internship opportunities through SAGU at Oaks Church in business, ministry, leadership, non-profit, missions, church planting and education. Internships spread across Oaks Worship, Oaks Kids, Oaks Local + Global (missions), Oaks Youth, Oaks Powerhouse (kids evangelism), Pastoral Care, Connections, Creative Arts, Media, Spiritual Formation, Small Groups and Oaks Young Adults. SAGU at Oaks Church also has business-related opportunities with local business partners of the Oaks Church.

Graduate Success

The graduation and job placement rates for SAGU at Oaks students are high. Hundreds of students have gone through the Internship program at the Oaks Church. Many serve in high-caliber leadership positions around the world.

Leader-Mentor Program

Students have the option to begin a mentor relationship with a high-impact leader after the first year. This relationship continues throughout the educational experience and, in most cases, beyond graduation. Students have a monthly 1-on-1 with their mentor including coaching, prayer and accountability.

Each pastor on staff at the Oaks Church is committed to developing these future leaders in ministry. By the time a student at SAGU at Oaks Church graduates, they have the experience, understanding and ability to be a successful leader.

Leadership in ministry begins with relationships. Mentorship is a key component of establishing a framework to train up and coming leaders. To accomplish this, the Oaks Church requires that each pastor on staff invests 25% of their time and effort to mentor.


Students will take a combination of online classes and on-site classes taught at the Oaks Church.

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