SAGU partnered with The Richard D. Dobbins Institute of Ministry to provide an avenue for those completing approved RDDIM modules to convert your learning experience to SAGU college credit with no additional fees to do so. This partnership allows students to get a head start toward an accredited college degree.

The RDDIM Partnership with SAGU is a great fit for:

  • Pastors and ministers desiring advanced equipping in the counseling field
  • Christian desiring a Biblical perspective upon the counseling ministry
  • Those seeking ministerial enrichment
  • Those considering a career change
  • Those seeking an accredited Associate degree in Psychology or Bachelor’s degree in the Counseling, Human Services or Psychology fields

Benefits of the RDDIM Partnership

  • Completed RDDIM modules can be applied toward an accredited SAGU degree modules at no additional cost.
  • All RDDIM and SAGU coursework is completed online instead of a formal campus setting.
  • Reduce the amount of coursework necessary to complete a college degree.
  • Receive access to Nelson Memorial Library and Career Services.
  • Enjoy a proven distance education program that is convenient and flexible.
  • Complete online courses with experts in the Counseling and Psychology fields.

How the RDDIM Partnership works

  • Students who successfully complete approved modules may convert their RDDIM learning experience to college credit as follows:
    • RDDIM Foundations for Living will be accepted as credit for PSY 1113 Psychology of Selfhood and the Christian Faith at SAGU
    • RDDIM Individual Counseling 1 will be accepted as credit for CMN 2313 Pastoral Counseling or General Elective credit at SAGU
    • Successful completion of any additional SAGU approved RDDIM modules will be accepted as 3 hours of General Elective credit
    • There are no limits to credit from SAGU approved RDDIM modules as long as the credit can fit into the student’s degree plan
    • Students must complete the admissions process and the first semester of enrollment at SAGU to apply the RDDIM credit to their transcript
    • Students completing additional RDDIM modules can only request credit to be applied during a semester of enrollment at SAGU
    • To ask questions or find out more about the RDDIM Partnership email [email protected]
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