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As a student, graduate, or friend of SAGU, you are our best recruiter! You know and understand firsthand the value of a SAGU education. Chances are you’ve experienced the personal attention given by our staff and faculty. This uniquely positions you to personally help guide the next generation to SAGU.

You’re likely on this page because you know of one, two, or maybe more students who would be a great fit for SAGU. Students who are looking for a college to grow and thrive in their God-given callings. Students who desire to make friends that are more like family. This is where you can help connect these students and SAGU by simply providing us with their contact information. And, when you do this, the student gets a $500 scholarship.

How to enter:

Complete the referral form with the name and contact information of a potential student along with your first and last name, email, and address. There is no limit on how many students you can refer. Prospective students who have requested information in the last 60 days do not qualify as referrals.

$500 Scholarship Award:

Referred students who enroll will receive a one-time $500 scholarship applied to their first two semesters at SAGU ($250 in their first semester and $250 in their second semester).

Who can enter:

The referral program is open to all students, alumni, and friends of SAGU. Your children, relatives, youth member of your church, etc. All students who you think would be a great fit for SAGU. Keep in mind, the referer must submit the referral form prior to the new student being admitted in order to be eligible to receive the $500 scholarship. And, each student may only receive one referral scholarship.

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Why Refer?


SAGU has over 70 undergraduate and graduate degrees. With both online and oncampus offerings, students can curate the best learning experience for their career. SAGU prepares students for ministry and the marketplace!


No matter what major a student is interested in, biblical integration and spiritual formation are key components in a student’s development. SAGU grads leave feeling equipped to excel in their profession and eager to serve.


SAGU typically disburses over $27.5 million dollars in scholarships and grants each year. Between scholarships and grants, loans, and versatile payment plan options, SAGU is even more affordable than you might think.

For questions please contact the Admissions Office (972) 825.3004

SAGU reserves the right to change the Student Referral Program or the referral award structure at its discretion.

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