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online bachelor's degree in English

Online Bachelor's Degree in English


As part of this program, you have access to the following courses.

Major Studies

  • American Literature I-II
  • English Literature I-II
  • Creative Writing in Middle/Secondary
  • Introduction to Linguistics
  • Introduction to Literary Theory
  • Advanced Grammar and Composition
  • Shakespeare


  • Modern American Authors
  • Christian Thought in Literature
  • Special Topics in Literature
  • 19th Century American Literature
  • Bible as Literature
  • Introduction to Literary Theory
  • The Victorian Period
  • American Drama
  • Contemporary American Poetry
  • World Literature


  • Children’s Literature
  • Young Adult Literature
  • Rhetorical Studies in Film I-II
  • Scriptwriting for Theatre and Film
  • Writing and Publishing Poetry
  • Writing and Publishing Nonfiction
  • Writing and Publishing Short Fiction
  • Writing and Publishing Long Fiction


  • Teaching English as a Second Language and Diversity I-II
  • Morphology and Syntax
  • Topics in Linguistics
  • Sociolinguistics
  • Cross-cultural Communication and the EFL Classroom

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