Hosted across Live Dead teams during the summer, Live Dead internships range from one to three months. The goal is to expose interns to missionary life on a Live Dead team, to develop basic skills for cross-cultural ministry, and to provide space for interns to explore a call to longer-term service. They focus on group and individual pursuit of God, team life, study of local religions, language and culture, and the proclamation of the gospel among the unreached. Participants get a closer look at the life and operation of a church planting team, and see the need for God to call more laborers to the harvest fields.

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Who is it for?

  • The student who knows they are called to long-term career missions.
    Having a semester length experience helps to expose the student to missionary life and work and to spend quality time with senior career missions people.
  • The student who has a heart for mission but is unsure about where missions fits into their life plan.
    There are many students in a variety of majors who have been deeply moved about mission but are unsure of their involvement. This program allows them to experience missionary life and to reflect on their experience through the academic environment, with veteran people, in the context of the unreached world.
  • The student who knows they are not called to serve cross-culturally.
    By exposing students to best practices in missions and solid biblical theology of missions we hope to build stronger connections with those who will impact their own ministry in the increasingly pluralistic ministry environment in the USA.
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