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A variety of available internship tracks with hands-on training plus optional 5 year accelerated LEAD+MOL or LEAD+MA options
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Program Overview

  • Learn life-long leadership skills by DOING leadership
  • Network with like-minded future leaders through established internship programs and a variety of churches.
  • Specialize in your chosen area of ministry.
  • Receive necessary training for ministry credentials.
  • Qualify for entry into a competitive Protégé Program, potentially allowing you to receive scholarships and compensation while you’re a college student.
  • Learn life-long leadership skills by DOING leadership Complete both a Bachelor of Arts in Church Leadership and a Masters in Organizational Leadership or a Masters in Practical Theology in 5 years.
  • Save up to $10,000 by completing an accelerated master’s degree and receiving scholarships.


Build a foundation for future leadership while receiving college credit. Learn on campus at SAGU, online, or at any one of SAGU's Schools of Ministry, participate in the special LEAD events each year, and put what you're learning into practice in the real life opportunities of local church ministry.


Learn to COLLABORATE with other leaders, co-workers and volunteers and to EQUIP volunteers with the proper resources for effective ministry through your own local church or one of SAGU's strategic ministry partners.


Learn how to LEAD others from leaders who have demonstrated a legacy of excellence. Students receive maximum opportunity to lead varying kinds of ministries through the Protégé Program. Apply to be selected for the Protégé Program, which may also include scholarship through the partnering organization. A student can complete the Protégé Program in Phase 3 (year 4 and 5).

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Earn a Bachelor's Degree in Church Leadership
Receive necessary training for ministry credentials
College credit for hands-on leadership experience
Internship opportunities at partnering churches
Access to high-caliber pastors and church leaders via the LEAD Program
Access to the Protégé Program for additional scholarship opportunities
Access to graduate level courses beginning with the course code LDR  
*BA/MOL or MA in 5 Years  
Save time and money by “fast-tracking” with a BA plus Master’s Degree.  
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* The LEAD/MOL and LEAD/MA track requires formal admittance to the Harrison Graduate School in a timely manner. Students who successfully complete this track will graduate from SAGU with a bachelor’s degree in Church Leadership and a 36 credit hour Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership (MOL) or a Master of Arts in Practical Theology (MA).This accelerated Master’s degree consists of 12 hours of graduate level “shared credit” and an additional 24 hours of graduate course work identified in the graduate catalog. All graduation requirements in the graduate school must be met to receive the MOL/MA. Please see the Harrison Graduate School Catalog.
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