SAGU is proud to be a home school friendly university. The Admissions Office works closely with each home-schooled student’s unique situation. A transcript* from grades 9-12 must be submitted, or GED certification. An ACT or SAT score is also required.
*If using curriculum that provides a high school transcript, it must show graduation date and final GPA. 

Home-schooled students under the age of 17 who do not have a high school diploma from an accredited high school or organization, and do not have a GED, may be admitted under a “non-degree seeking” status. By law, these students are not eligible for state or federal financial aid until they reach the age of 17, but may be eligible for institutional aid. At age 17, these students will be changed to “regular-degree seeking” status, at which time they may be eligible for state and federal financial aid.

ACT or SAT score requirements

  • Composite ACT/SAT score of
    • ACT - 19+
    • SAT I (January 2016 and earlier) – 1350+ (CR+M+W)
    • SAT R (March 2016 and later) – 990+ (ERW + M)
ACT code: 4182, SAT code: 6669

High school credit requirements

  • 4 English credits
  • 2 out of 3 math credits
  • 2 out of 3 social studies credits
  • 7 elective credits
  • Not required, but recommended to have one year of foreign language credit


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