What is early college credit?

Early College Credit allows students still in high school to take college-level classes for credit. Credits earned are accredited and can be used toward the completion of a college degree. This differs from Dual Credit in that high schools can vary on what type of college credit they accept as credit toward their high school classes. Check with your high school counselor to see if Nelson Online classes will meet graduation requirements.

What courses can an early college credit student take?

Early College Credit students can take freshman and sophomore level classes from a variety of subject areas. Students can work with their high school counselor and Nelson Online scheduler to determine what classes will work best for their future college plans.

Students not seeking early college credit may still take courses through the Early College Credit program as long as they are currently enrolled in high school.  Many students take courses which serve as early college credit while taking additional courses which only meet college degree requirements.

When can an early college credit student start to take classes?

Students completing the equivalent of the Sophomore year of high school may begin taking early college credit courses with SAGU.

How many hours of credit can an early college credit student take?

Students may take up to 6 hours the summer following the Sophomore year and may continue taking 6 hours each semester through the summer immediately following the Senior year.  This means a student could earn up to 42 hours of credit and be considered a college Sophomore prior to coming to SAGU on-campus.

What do I have to do to become an early college credit student?

Will I need to come on-campus at SAGU to take courses?

No- all courses are offered online via Blackboard. Students can take on campus classes by request.

What financial aid is offered to early college credit students?

Early college credit students do not qualify for Federal Financial Aid, however SAGU offers early college credit at a reduced rate of $100 per credit hour. In addition, a discount to dependents of nationally appointed Assemblies of God missionaries is also available. For information on this discount, please contact an Admissions Counselor at 888-YES-SAGU

Will I need to reapply if I decide to come on-campus to SAGU after I graduate from high school?

If you decide to enroll at Nelson University as a degree-seeking student after high school, you can complete an application up to a year in advance of your high school graduation. You can get started on an application here (hyperlink to apply page) and learn more about the admission process here (admissions page). For more information, please contact the Admissions Office at 888-YES-SAGU.

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