Transferring CFNI Credit to SAGU

SAGU is excited to provide an aggressive credit acceptance policy for all CFNI graduates!

As a CFNI graduate, you can:

  • Transfer up to 81 credit hours into our Church Leadership or Interdisciplinary Studies programs*
  • Transfer into one of our other exciting programs (credits accepted into other degree plans may vary)
  • Take advantage of the flexibility of our on-campus or online programs

* The online or on-campus Interdisciplinary Studies degree allows you to transfer in the maximum number of credits. It is designed for individuals seeking studies in a general, broad-based academic discipline. This program allows you to select courses in one or more of the university’s programs.

CFNI Tuition Grant

SAGU offers grants up to $2,000 per semester for CFNI students who continue their education as SAGU. Details regarding how much you would receive are available in the CFNI policy sheet listed at right.

Admissions Requirements

  • Application
  • Faith and Lifestyle
  • Composite ACT/SAT score of:
    • ACT - 19+
    • SAT I (January 2016 and earlier) - 1350+ (CR+M+W)
    • SAT R (March 2016 and earlier) - 990+ (ERW+M)
    • ACT code: 4182, SAT code: 6669
  • High school transcript showing date of graduation and minimum GPA of 2.0*
  • Application fee

Students who do not meet the minimum academic admissions requirements may be considered for admission on a case-by-case basis as determined by the Admissions Committee.

Full Requirements

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