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bachelor's degree in Media Ministries

Bachelor’s Degree in Media Ministries


As part of this program, you have access to the following courses.

General Biblical Studies

  • Bible Study
  • The Church in Mission
  • Foundations of Church Ministries
  • Authentic Christianity
  • New Testament Literature
  • Old Testament Literature
  • Introduction to Theology and Apologetics
  • Pentecostal Doctrine and History

Major Studies

  • Hermeneutics
  • Luke-Acts
  • Pastoral Counseling
  • Ministry of Teaching
  • Leadership in Ministry
  • Biblical Preaching
  • Introduction to Script Writing
  • Studio Production and Performance Skills
  • Introduction to Media Production
  • Cinematic Pre-production
  • Short Film Principle Photography
  • Electronic Field Production
  • Audio Production and Aesthetics
  • Advanced Digital Editing
  • Christianity in the Ancient and Middle Ages
  • Christianity from the Reformation to the Postmodern Era


  • The Church and Media
  • Drama as Ministry
  • Media Internship
  • Pastoral Leadership

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