Social Work Student Handbook


Once the student has been admitted to Southwestern Assemblies of God University and has chosen social work as their major, a social work faculty member is assigned for advising. Students should meet with faculty early in their first semester at SAGU, and then at least once per school year. This helps students remain on track with their degree plan in the Social Work Program. All students are required to meet with the Program Coordinator of their selected major as an assignment in their S3 course.

When do I Apply for Formal Admittance to the Social Work Program?

Applications by students who are declared majors and desire formal admittance into the Social Work Program, are submitted in the spring semester of the sophomore year, after the student has completed the Introduction to Social Work (SWK 2133) course. The application can be found in the appendix of this Student Handbook, and on the SAGU/Social Work website page. Please submit the application to [email protected] .

Additionally, applications are also accepted at the end of the fall semester for junior level students entering the major and desiring to be formally admitted. This category of students must also complete Introduction to Social Work (SWK 2133).

The Social Work Committee usually meets at the end of the fall semester and early spring to review applications to the Program. Notification of admission status is sent to each student’s campus mailbox.

Formal Admittance to Southwestern Assemblies of God University

Admission requirements:

  • Application
  • Faith and Lifestyle
  • ACT – 19+
  • SAT (January 2016 and earlier) – 1350+
  • SAT R (March 2016 and earlier) – 980+
  • ACT code: 4182; SAT code: 6669
  • High school transcript showing date of graduation and minimum GPA of 2.0
  • Application fee

Students who do not meet the minimum academic admissions requirements may be considered for admission on a case-by-case basis as determined by the Admissions Committee.

Formal Admission Requirements to the Social Work Program and Process of Admission

The following conditions are required for formal admission to the Social Work Program by students declared as social work majors:

  1. Complete and submit a formal application and other paperwork requirements, which are available in the Social Work office and from Social Work Faculty. For more information, contact the Social Work Program Office ( [email protected] );
  2. Satisfactory completion of at least 30 semester credit hours of general education requirements; including necessary prerequisites.
  3. Submit a student transcript;
  4. Achieve a minimum of 2.5 cumulative GPA.
  5. Obtain a 2.5 minimum in core SWK classes with no individual course grade falling below a C-;
  6. Enrolled in or completion of SWK 2133 Introduction to Social Work;
  7. Obtain two letters of recommendation from the following; a SAGU professor, and an employer or volunteer supervisor (forms available from Social Work Program Office);
  8. Submit the Social Work Program “Sign-off Sheet;”
  9. Demonstrate the capacity for developing positive relationships (academic community, social service organizations, faith community, etc.);
  10. Display commitment to the field of social work through academic pursuit and other outside activities such as NASW, NACSW, and volunteer work in the community;
  11. Obtain a successful review by the Social Work Committee.

All information obtained through this process will be held in confidence. Knowingly making a false statement (written or oral) could result in denial of admission to the program or termination from the program. Students will not be granted admission into the Social Work Program until all of the above requirements are met.

Social Work Program Acceptance Notification

Once the formal application to the Program is reviewed by the Social Work Committee, a letter is sent indicating one of the following outcomes:

  1. Approval – the student is fully admitted to the Social Work Program.
  2. Provisional approval – indicates that some deficiencies are apparent, and the applicant will have one semester to rectify any deficiencies. The student may continue to take social work courses and electives during this time, but will not be permitted to begin practicum placement, and co-requisites until all disclosed deficiencies are resolved, per the Social Work committee.
  3. Denial of Admission – indicates that deficiencies are such that program admission is denied. When students have resolved the deficiencies, they are encouraged to re-apply to the Program. Students who have been denied approval may not be enrolled in any Practice social work courses until their status has changed.

Program Maintenance and Progression

Students must maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.5 and Social Work GPA of 2.5, as well as earn a minimum of a C- in all core social work classes. In addition, the matriculated social work student must maintain acceptable professional behavior, including but not limited to the NASW Code of Ethics and the Southwestern Assemblies of God Student Handbook.

Termination from the Social Work Program

Students may be dismissed from Southwestern Assemblies of God University Social Work Program if, in the professional judgment of the Social Work Committee, violations of professional, and/or ethical codes have occurred. The following criteria will be used in evaluating students’ academic and professional performance.

Academic Performance

  • Violation of the NASW Code of Ethics will be examined.
  • Plagiarism or any other form of cheating will be examined by the Social Work Committee, in accordance with SAGU academic policies.
  • Inability to earn at least a “C-” in core social work courses, maintain a 2.5 cumulative GPA, and/or 2.5 in core social work courses will be examined. Extenuating circumstances may arise, which will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

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