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Business For Missions is a SAGU initiative to teach students the art of business while developing a heart for missions. Business For Missions fulfills the Great Commandment (Matthew 22:35-40) and the Great Commission (Matthew 28;18-20). We love our neighbors by creating business models that improve their lives. In turn, we improve our skills for successful business. We then make disciples by not only modeling a life of faith, joy, love and peace, but we bring the evangelistic and discipleship tools of the Today With God video teaching series. Real business. Real Mission, Real impact!


Business For Missions is designed with the idea that business students (and business leaders) who say they follow Jesus can recognize their value within ministry beyond what their wallet can do. Business leaders will touch countless lives during the course of their careers. We believe they can make an eternal impact in those lives by thinking missionally while being professional and career-minded.

Business For Missions takes the business skills they are learning at SAGU and puts them into practice in other parts of the world. In a nutshell, we build micro-businesses overseas. Business leaders have to be able to communicate to people of all backgrounds and faiths. It is necessary for them to have the skills to cast vision and the wherewithal to see that vision come to fruition. Our BFM program helps students learn the skill of creating vision, casting that vision and seeing that vision through. This is all accomplished while making an impact in a region of the world that struggles with real problems like poverty, oppression and exploitation.

Business as mission demonstrates what the Kingdom of God looks like in the context of business — engaging with the world’s more pressing social, economic, environmental and spiritual issues.

3-year Plan

Year one - Students are primarily focused on qualitative research in the target location. They are collecting as much data as possible and coming up with what the micro-business will be that they think will be successful based on their education and their research. A complete comprehensive business plan will be drawn up by the students similar to what would be expected in the business world back home. It needs to be clearly understandable and able to be implemented by a team that may not include the original architect.

Year two – Students will implement the business plans from year one. Because there will likely be new information, year two students need to be able to make necessary changes to ensure success. The full implementation of the initial business plan is carried out along with the structure for communication and review once the team has left.

Year three – Students return to give final analysis and evaluation on the success or failure of the implemented business plans. They review what strengths and weaknesses were revealed and assess alternatives or solutions.

Business has the potential to generate wealth through a combination of creativity, risk and work. A profitable and sustainable business is able to create new jobs, drive new innovations and increase resources for society. Business can provide goods and services that are needed in a community and is established on a wide network of relationships.

These activities, products and relationships are integral to business and part of the God-given potential of business to transform society and glorify Him. Through business we can intentionally tackle poverty, increase quality of life, bring positive social change and carry with us the message of eternal life.

This plan helps our students to teach others to be fishers of fish. But we want to also teach our students to be missional minded. Being a vocational business person does not negate our call from Christ to be “Fishers of men.”

Business For Missions students share the love of Christ through their actions and the message of Christ through the television and teaching curriculum of the Today With God series. This is a television series created under the ministry of CrossTalk International to bring the word of God to the people of the world and in the languages of the world. It consists of the entire Gospels of Matthew, Luke and John as well as the Acts of the Apostles in theatrical presentation. The introductory episode asks and answers the question, “Who Is Jesus.” This is what students focus most on in the initial interaction in Business For Missions. This video is then accompanied with a teaching curriculum created by local churches in North Texas (Abundant Life Assembly of God & Grace Community Four Square).

The tool of Today With God has proven to be a significant blessing to churches around the globe and the Business For Missions students further enhance their experience by leading church leaders in the application of the tool. Business For Missions represents a growing intentionality to fully integrate business goals with the call to the whole church to take the whole gospel to the whole world.


  • Create profitable and sustainable micro-businesses
  • Create community value and local jobs
  • Promote environmental stewardship
  • Provide tools for discipleship
  • Produce followers of Christ

Get Involved

  • Students – Sign up to join us on our next BFM trip.
  • Pastors or Churches – Consider sponsoring the start-up of a micro-business overseas and let your churches know what we are doing. You prayers and encouragement are appreciated.
  • Business people – Consider sponsoring a student’s trip or the start-up of a micro-business overseas. We are also interested in providing business trainings to leaders in our host nations. Perhaps you have something to offer.
  • Missionary or overseas ministry – Perhaps you can partner with our team to facilitate them coming to your nation or region.

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