Undergraduate Admissions Counselor, Online Admissions
Level S05
Salary Range:  $910 to $1,510 Bi-Weekly Salary

The projected start date for this position is June 1, 2016.

Institutional Mission
The purpose of Southwestern Assemblies of God University is to prepare undergraduate and graduate students spiritually, academically, professionally, and cross culturally so as to successfully fill evangelistic, missionary and church ministry roles and to provide quality educational and professional Christian service wherever needed throughout the world.

Primary Function
In consultation with the Assistant Dean of Admissions and Director of Online Admissions, the Undergraduate Admissions Counselor is responsible for attracting, recruiting, and maintaining a diverse student body consistent with the university’s goals and objectives in a strategic manner and effectively presenting accurate information about the university to prospective students, their families, and others who influence the college decision.

Major Responsibilities
20% – Travel to represent Southwestern Assemblies of God University in various capacities outside of the University for the purpose of recruitment. Job consists of approximately 20% external travel.
·         Plan, coordinate, and execute recruitment travel to represent the University at: college fairs, college preparedness events, community colleges, school visits, churches (e.g., Sunday mornings, Wednesday evenings, etc.), church related events (e.g., AG district events, retreats, etc.), home visits, “Starbucks” events, and other types of events/venues
·         Assist in the strategic selections of which events to attend
·         Develop, nurture, and maintain relationships with key constituents who play a role in influencing potential students on their choice of school (e.g., guidance counselors, pastors, youth pastors, youth leaders, etc.)
·         Train, equip, and manage students who travel and represent the University through the office of Admissions

65% – Consistently communicate, while in the office and in the field, via personal counseling, written correspondence, e-mail, telephone, text messaging, social media, etc. with prospective students, parents, and others, providing admissions counseling information about the university (which may include, but is not limited to, admissions requirements, academic programs/curriculum, financial aid, scholarships, and campus culture).
·         Respond to all inbound communications in a timely manner
·         Plan, coordinate, and execute on the outbound communication plan in a timely manner, which includes communication to and connection with students in each stage of the admissions process via personal counseling, written correspondence, e-mail, telephone, text messaging, social media, etc.
·         Reach out to schools/colleges, guidance counselors, pastors, etc. as needed to clarify information and gather missing data for the student file
·         Serve as Admissions Counselor for assigned online extension sites and develop, nurture, and maintain relationships with online extension site leadership

8% – Evaluate transcripts, both official and unofficial, from other colleges/universities and develop degree plans for prospective students.
·         Accurately evaluate transcripts, develop degree plans, and communicate said information to students in a timely manner

5% – Execute campus visit experiences to ensure prospective students and their families understand the value of a SAGU education and have a positive experience while visiting Southwestern Assemblies of God University.
·         Host visiting students for individual campus visits by presenting impactful and relevant information and thoroughly and accurately answer questions regarding: admissions requirements, academic programs/curriculum, financial aid, scholarships, campus culture, campus housing, student life, and any other area guests would like to discuss
·         Represent SAGU in a professional and friendly manner
·         Be available for unplanned “walk-in” campus visitors
·         Conduct an informational presentation and/or sit-down meeting
·         Conduct an informational campus tour (as needed)
·         Plan and host webinar to showcase SAGU to prospective students
·         Schedule and conduct phone appointments with prospective students
·         In conjunction with the Campus Visit Coordinator, help plan and execute Campus Days, Friday visits events, group visits, and other special visit events.
·         Be aware of events on campus and in our community/area that could be of interest to our guests

2% – Miscellaneous responsibilities
·         Develop, nurture, and maintain key campus relationships (e.g., the Registrar’s Office, Financial Aid, Student Billing, Distance Education Office, etc.)
·         Professional Development
·         AMEX management
·         Other responsibilities as assigned by Admissions Leadership


Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited college/university is highly preferred.  Candidate must demonstrate strong verbal and interpersonal communication skills to effectively interact with students, parents, staff, faculty and prospective students; further, the candidate must also demonstrate strong written communication skills.  A strong customer service orientation is essential.

Candidate must possess strong organizational and time-management skills with the ability to prioritize and manage multiple tasks concurrently, as well as, being a self-starter.  The ability to be flexible and adapt quickly to changing priorities is essential.

Candidate must possess a valid driver’s license, with a clean driving record.

Candidate must possess a strong knowledge of MS Office (Word, Excel) and grammar.  Must also possess a strong working knowledge of and experience with MS PowerPoint.

Contact :  Human Resources at [email protected]

Application Process: Applications are available in the Human Resources office or one can be downloaded and printed at .  All 4 pages of the application, the President’s Letter and the Background Check page must be completed before the applicant will be considered for employment.  Incomplete forms will not be accepted.  Your resume may be included when submitting the application to the Human Resources Office.  An online application is also available at .


Cost of Living

To assist you to compare cost-of-living figures between the DFW/Waxahachie area and other areas of the country, recent web research reveals the following indices. The closest city approximating Cost of Living in Waxahachie is Ft. Worth/Arlington.

If Fort Worth/Arlington = 1 on the scale, then other areas relate as follows:

  • Lakeland = 1.04 (Southeastern University)
  • Philadelphia = 1.35 (Valley Forge Christian College)
  • Minneapolis = 1.12 (North Central University)
  • Springfield, MO = 1.04 (CBC; Evangel; Global; AGTS)
  • Costa Mesa = 1.50 (Vanguard University)(from another site)
  • Seattle = 1.43 (Northwest College)

In other words, if you made $100,000 here, you would need to make 143,000 in Seattle to enjoy the same lifestyle financially.

Thank you for your interest in participating in ministry by working at Southwestern Assemblies of God University.

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