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The following short videos will introduce the SAGU assessment process and help in developing or improving SLOs and Operational Objectives. Click on the title to link to the tegrity video.


SAGU uses the TracDat database to manage our institutional effectiveness processes. This includes planning for assessment, recording data, and following up on action plans that arise from the assessment process.

To log in to the TracDat program with your faculty or staff credentials, click here.



These videos are designed to help you through the basic processes of using the TracDat system. If you need help with a specific issue, feel free to contact the IE office by clicking the link at the top of this page.

  1. TracDat 5 Introduction and Overview
  2. Choosing Yearly Outcomes or Objectives and Using Filters
  3. Academic Programs- Entering Assessment Data/Results/Improvements
  4. Non-Academic Units- Entering Assessment Data/Results/Improvements
  5. Document Repository- Uploading and Using Documents in TracDat
  6. Academic Programs- Entering and Editing Student Learning Outcomes
  7. Non-Academic Units- Entering and Editing Operational Objectives/Outcomes
  8. TracDat Page Management- moving, retiring, filtering SLOs and OOs


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