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  • Bible Gateway
    Searches six different versions in several different languages and in different ways.  Searches over 22,000 topics.
  • Bible Study Tools Online
    Links to online Bible Study tools.  Includes:  the Linked Bible Project, The Blueletter Bible, Bethany Bible Software Archive, Bible Knowledge Accelerator Software, The Online Bible 6.1, David Yuan's Bible and Christian Resource Page, and more.
  • Blueletter Bible
  • Christian Classics: Ethereal Library
  • Internet Christian Library
    Guide to early church documents
  • Scrolls from the Dead Sea
    Scrolls From the Dead Sea and The Ancient Library of Qumran and Modern Scholarship.  Includes five sections:  Intro - the World of the Scrolls; The Qumran Library; The Qumran Community; Today -- 2,000 years later; and Conclusion.
  • World Wide Study Bible
    Organizing all of the Bible-related resources on the WWW according to Scripture reference.
  • Genesis Networks
    Online King James Version
  • Bible History Online
    Excellent site which has a search tool and sitemap. Includes ancient documents of Egypt, Greece, Israel, near East Rome. Bible history, archaelogy and much more.
  • Bible Texts Online Bible commentary
    Textual commentary and other original work contained in this website are based upon Hebrew and Greek texts and other biblical research tools.


Children's Literature

Communication Arts

Counseling / Psychology


  • American Psychological Association Home Page
    includes Psych Net, Student Info., Member Info., Site Map to resources in Psychology.
  • Christians In Recovery
    The purpose of Christians in Recovery is to provide information and resources for anyone who desires to recover from abuse, family dysfunction, depression, anxiety, grief, relationships and/or addictions of alcohol, drugs, food, pornography, et.
  • Psychology Related Sites
    Lists of psychology resources on the net.

Disaster Recovery


English Literature

Foreign Language

  • Travel Language - foreign languages for travelors; translating dictionaries; worldwide hotels; currency exchange rate.




  • Maps and Atlases
    • CitySearch
      city search map
    • Mapquest
      Interactive Atlas (Maps), Trip Quest (Driving Directions), Travel Plan USA (Plan a trip with Mobil Travel Guide)
    • MapBlast
      Vicinity Corporation's MapBlast
  • Guidebooks and Gazetteers
  • Travel Guides
  • Travel Language
    • Foreign Languages for Travelers
      over 60 languages; select a language you speak, select the language you want to learn.
    • Travel Lang
      Foreign Languages for Travelors; Translating Dictionaries; Worldwide Hotels/ Currency Exchange Rate
  • World Time
    • World Time
      World Time, World Atlas, local time, interactive database of public holidays worldwide.


  • ADA - The American Dietetic Association
    National Center for Nutrition and Dietetics.
  • American Heart Association
    the most comprehensive information in heart disease and stroke as well as late breaking news.
  • Complete Home Medical Guide
    by the Columbia University College of Physicians & Surgeons.
  • Cyber Diet
    nutritional profile, daily food planner, assessment tools, food count, fast food quest, food facts, eating right, recipe index, exercise tips, and more.
  • Food Finder
    based on the book, Fast Food Facts by the Minnesota Attorney General's Office.  Gives maximum calories; maximum fat grams; maximum cholestoral, etc.
  • Nutrition Navigator
    a rating guide to nutrition websites, presented by the Center on Nutrition Communication, School of Nutrition Science and Policy, Tufts University.
  • Prevention Magazine
    prevention's healthy ideas.
  • Sports Spectrum Online
    Sports Spectrum is a ministry of RBC Ministries (Radio Bible Class).   Gospel Communications Network (GCN).  Online Christian Resources
  • World Health Organization


  • General
    • Minnesota's Historic Shipwrecks
      has some great sites on ships that have wrecked:  Thomas Wilson (1902), Niagara (1872), Madeira (1900), Onoko (1915), and much more.
    • The National Council for History Education -History Computerization Project, the New Jersey Council for History Education, the History ChannelColonial Williamsburg, Organization of American Historians, the American historical Association, and many more.
    • National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution
      Work of the Society, National Headquarters, State Societies, Units Overseas, DAR Museum, Genealogical Library, Membership, and What's New.
    • Native Web
      a collective project of many people.  Contains links concerning Native, Aboriginal, and Indigenous internet resources on all seven continents.
    • Naval Historical Center
      introduction; Frequently Asked Questions; Wars and Conflicts of the U.S. Navy; Traditions of the Naval Service; Naval History Bibliography Series; Naval History-related sites;   USS Constitution; and Naval Historical Foundation.                                         
    • Scope Systems
      historic events & birthdates that occurred on a selected day of the year.
    • Smithsonian Institution National Museum of the American Indian
      What's new, About the Museum, Exhibitions, Publications & Recordings, Film & Video, Conexus, Calendar of Events, Activities, Education, Resources & Programs, Memberships, Other Sites, Research & Collections, Archive.
    • Sons of the American Revolution
      The Sons of the American Revolution was organized on April 30, 1889, and chartered by the United States Congress on June 9, 1906 as a historical and genealogical organization.
    • World History
      History of the world, begins with David & Solomon
    • World War I
      Trenches on the Web, an internet history of the Great War
  • US Documents





Math and Science

  • Science
    • ChemPuter
      Sheffield ChemPuter - the University of Sheffield's ChemPuter, a set of simple interactive calculators for chemistry on the World-WideWeb.  Your browser must be capable of handling forms and tables. 
    • Comets & Meteor Showers
      Contains information on comets and meteor showers.
    • Geologic hazards team
      The US Geological Survey Geologic Hazards Team site presents information in four major categoris:  earthquakes, geomagnetism, landslides, and interactive maps.
    • Hubble Space Telescope
      Space Telescope Science Institute.
    • Inventive Place
      National Inventors Hall of Fame
    • Leicester Educational Guide to Space
      This guide is intended as an information source for those interested in discovering more about Space Science and Astronomy.
    • NASA FACT Sheets
      brief, concise documents that explain activities, programs and special projects of each NASA Center.
    • Natural Museum of Natural History
      of the Smithsonian
    • Nine Planets
      excellent site about the universe.  A multimedia tour of the Solar System by Bill Arnett.
    • Smithsonian
      Museums & Organizations; Events & Activities; Resources & Tours; and Membership & Shops
    • Southern California Earthquake Center
      this site tries to predict potential earthquakes in California.
    • Space Radar Images of Earth
      Archaelogy, Cities, Ecology & Agriculture, Geology, Interferometry, Oceans, Rivers, Snow, Ice, Glaciers, Volcanoes.
    • Windows to the Universe
      a fun and different web site about the Earth and Space sciences. 
  • Mathematics



  • Caleb Project
    links to other sites that focus on unreached people .
  • AD2000
    information about the Global Congress on World Evangelization, Joshua Project 2000.
  • Christianity
    Another pastor martyred in Iran
  • Global Mapping International
    Maps & Mapping, Mission Research, Training Resources, About GMI, GMI Products and GMI Programs.
  • International Union of Gospel Missions
    Founded in 1913, IUGM's 250 member rescue missions provide over 30 million meals and 12 million nights of lodging to the needy every year.
  • Mission Network News On-line
    up to date news of missions.  A ministry of Cornerstone College, Grand Rapids, Michigan.
  • YWAM
    Youth With A Mission


Pastoral Ministries

  • Christians In Recovery
    the purpose of Christians in Recovery is to provide information and resources for anyone who desires to recover from abuse, family dysfunction, depression, anxiety, grief, relationships and/or addictions of alcohol, drugs, food, pornography, et.
  • Christian Word Ministries
    Christian News, Sermons, Revivals, Discipleship, Testimonies, Christian Bookstore, Prayer Requests, Prayer Concerns, Scripture and Devotionals
  • Discipleship Journal
    magazine that helps believers develop a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ, and provides practical help in understanding the Scriptures and applying them to your daily life and ministry.
  • Preaching Magazine & American Academy of Ministry
    Preaching magazine is a bi-monthly journal for ministers.


  • International Prayer Center
    A world-wide prayer chain of Bible-believing Christians who will pray with you!  Also includes:  Biblical teaching about prayer and Other excellent prayer sites.
  • The Prayer Network Homepage
    The Prayer Network is an international email network which connects people who are convinced in the power of prayer. 
  • Americans for Voluntary School Prayer
    a non-profit organization formed to insure the passage of a Constitutional Amendment to reinstate Religious Liberty and Voluntary School in America.
  • Lee et al.v. Weisman
    case involves prayer at graduation


Religion and Theology


Social Studies


Youth Ministries

Youth Ministries