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Recently, I was traveling and spoke with an alumni couple about their connection to SAGU. As it turned out, their children had also attended the school.

Some people find this remarkable, but it is a common occurrence among our alumni. SAGU has, for many families, become a part of their legacy – grandparents, parents, aunts and uncles, cousins and children. Some might say “it gets in their blood.”

Our collective legacy began as three small, independent Bible institutes, and has blossomed into a university committed to progress for the sake of the Gospel. That same couple I mentioned earlier remarked on this very thought. When so many institutions have abandoned their Christian heritage for the sake of progress, SAGU has managed the road less taken – progress and commitment to the values that have bound us together these 86 years.

These are exciting times at SAGU. Construction is blazing ahead on the new World Communication Center. We have yet to see the tremendous impact this building will have on our campus. We remain steadfast in our commitment to missions as Mission TEN heads into its fourth year. We continue to expand into new territories with the creation of new colleges and graduates who are standard bearers in their chosen fields of counseling, criminal justice, education and media.

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