SAGU redesigns SAGUtv streaming services

Southwestern Assemblies of God University (SAGU) has redesigned SAGUtv ( streaming services. Guests can access content from any modern browser. The site has been programmed to adapt content to any computer, tablet or mobile device.

SAGU's Digital Marketing Manager Ricky Ramirez shared, "We wanted to redesign SAGUtv to better highlight feature content, but more importantly, to enhance the user experience. The site is better organized, faster to load, and more accessible."

SAGUtv provides three primary content types: channels, series and live broadcasts. Channels include ongoing video-on-demand libraries including chapel, sports broadcasts and classic SAGU video content from the vault. Series are special, multi-episode content packages such as "Voting Your Values," "Unearthed: A Biblical Archaeology Seminar" or "Seven:Fourteen Conference." Live events are real-time broadcasts of sports and special events.

SAGU has provided a brief overview video showcasing the new features. Click here to watch.

SAGU debuted SAGUtv in December 2010. Since then, SAGUtv has had more than 2.1 million pageviews from more than 55,000 unique visitors. Viewers have tuned in from 122 countries. Non-U.S. top-viewing nations include Haiti, Canada, Kenya and Thailand.

Ramirez indicated that parents have commented on the joys of being able to watch their student athletes play games in real-time or on video-on-demand if they were unable to tune in. He also said that missionaries and alumni have expressed how excited they are to be able to participate in chapel from afar.

SAGU now has more than 200 videos in the video-on-demand library, and that library will continue to grow. According to Video Marketing Specialist Landon Perry, "We believe one of the best ways for future students and families to understand SAGU's commitment to spiritual development and academic excellence is for them to be able to see and hear first-hand through archived chapels, worship services, and special lecture series."

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