All the Rage!

SAGU offered seven sports during 2010-2011

TRUE BLUE RANGERS: Rachel Harris (center in Texas cap) and her spirited intramural softball team. Photo by Chelsea Jones.WAXAHACHIE, Texas  --  One of the most popular campus activities nationwide are intramural sports. A myriad of games, events and competitions draw in hundreds and thousands of students and spectators. Southwestern Assemblies is no different.

In fact, this past school year saw the menu of sports increase from four to seven; flag football, beach volleyball league, basketball, cross country, sand volleyball tournament, softball and indoor soccer. Teams were formed within dorms as well as faculty and staff members. Each club was captained by a player-coach and was comprised primarily of males.

This fall should see an expanded list of options for recreation. The SAGU Intramural logo includes two words that summarize why most everyone joins. The words: Serious Fun. Many hook up with a team to satisfy their competitive spirits, taking their games seriously. Others are out for wholesome fun without fretting over such things as winning or losing.

Flag Football had seven squads and, along with four co-ed softball teams, held their contests on the intramural field behind the Sheaffer Full Life Center. Beach volleyball had 4-on-4 clubs scheduled for both the fall and the spring. For the second year in a row, SAGU’s kings of the beach played the top team from Christ For the Nations Institute in a post-season challenge.

Basketball, normally limited to six teams, grew from 10 to 11 teams during the past two winters. The regular season contests are staged in the historic Claxton gym, with the playoffs spotlighted in the FLC, where each game was announced over the sound system.

Indoor Soccer was a highly competitive, 4-team co-ed circuit. Their schedule was played in the Garrison Wellness Center.

Cross Country was an experimental venture that saw very limited success. Four campus courses ranged from a mile per lap to 1.5 miles. Look for this sport for individuals to begin in the fall, with students and staff welcome to run for fun, fitness or against the clock. It will move from a 4:00pm start, which limited many participants, likely to 5:30 or 6pm.

Most intramural leagues were officiated by SAGU varsity athletes.
Mark “Link” Warde, Southwestern’s Sports Information Director, also directs SAGU Intramurals. Reach him by e-mail or phone with questions or ideas. A key leader in the intramural program was Stacy Jones, a work-study in Sports Communications.

New fall Intramural sports

Sports expected to join the line-up in the fall include Home Run Derby, a softball spin-off in the style of Major League Baseball, as well as a Racquetball League and Cross Country.

Information on each sport or event is posted on the Friday Lion Pride e-mail as well as printed flyers that are distributed seasonally in campus mail boxes.

Highlights from the past year of intramural action:

Incredibles stun Fabulous Has Beens in Hoops Final

The team that ran away with the regular season, the Fabulous Has Beens, led by Gerren Hamilton, Jacob Rodriguez, Aaron DeLoach, Sean Daniel, Anthony Saincilaire and Jimmie Williams, rolled to big wins weekly. They were hot as grits on the griddle. Hamilton once scored 60 in a game on twenty 3-pointers. Unbeaten, they tasted defeat in the playoffs, losing to Ike Caston’s Incredibles. Team Ink won, 72-70, on a huge three-pointer with less than two seconds to go by D.J. Johnson.
Earlier in the season the Has Beens crushed the Incredibles, 94-38.
Two of the biggest moments during the regular season were buzzer-beating shots that won games. The first was a 3-ball from the right wing by Scott Dickenson, giving the Fighting Wombats a 45-41 triumph over Hard in the Paint. Then, capping a scintillating comeback, Mo Oglesby knocked down a fade-away trey just as the horn sounded for a 72-71

Pistols victory over the Mambas.

Other roundball clubs were Hard in the Paint (Peter Akorikin), the Pistons (Justin Bozarth ), the Staff Infection (John Cookman), the Fighting Wombats (Corey Gibson), the Caucasian Invasion (Ryan Wilson), the Black Mambas (Rodney Williams), Pink Bizmuth (Randall Wilbur) and the fan favorites, the Lion-Trotters (Alex Moore). 

Trotters rise to the occasion in softball final

Alex Moore and his colorful and crazed team, the Lion-Trotters, were the surprise in the softball league. They got hot in the playoffs where they beat Team Rogers (R. J. Martinez), 14-9, in the title game. The Trotters scored seven runs in the top of the fourth inning for an 11-5 lead they never lost. Both teams finished with just one loss.

Rogers won the regular season, though the most talented team was most likely the Smokin’ Aces (Patrick Smith). The Rangers (Rachel Harris) were made up largely of the Lady Lions basketball team. They got hot late, while the Goonies (Breck Maxey) and Softees (Ryan Wilson) never warmed up!

Los Desperados were numero uno in football

The six-team flag football league was won by a team that went wire-to-wire, unbeaten. Los Desperados, led by Ryan Wilson, bested the Yummy Bears (coach Cass Sellers) in the championship. Other teams who contended for the crown included Bridges Balla’s (Greg Hammond), Texiana Tigerhorns (Weston Weaver) and the G-Palace Boys (Chase Trimmier).

Getting an A+ on the Beach

Ryan Wilson, fresh from claiming the title bone in flag football, had his beach volleyball unit win it all. The A-Team rolled impressively to earn their ‘champions’ T-shirts (given to the winners in each sport). Others who were covered in sand were the Savell Crickets (Steve Hernandez), That Team (Jonathan Lapinsky), the Crusaders (Richard Johnson) and the fluorescent-clad Just Leave Now (Brad Rogers).

Spring Beach Volleyball is a Big Hit

For the second consecutive spring, the SAGU Intramurals and the Fellowship of Christian Athletes joined forces for a 50’s Beach Bash. With ten sand volleyball teams entering a tournament requiring team names from the fifties, the event also included a BBQ while Cade Leuschner played the role of outdoor DeeJay.

Maximilian wins Indoor Soccer in shootout

A league of four teams was very evenly matched. The Purple United (James Southerland) may have been the best, but seemed to lose weekly by one goal or in overtime. Mugabo Yves, from the SAGU Lions soccer team, directed most the games. The playoffs were spirited and testy as games went down to the wire.

Team Kickapoo (Tracy Griffin), named after the name of Bryan King’s Missouri high school, were the odds on favorite, but lost a heartbreaker, 10-9 (2 OT) to the Staff Infection (Jeremiah Feicht) in the first round. Maximilian (Breck Maxey) slipped past Un-Purp, 4-3, on a Josh Freethy goal in the last minute.

The Infection rode that momentum into the finals versus Maximilian. Tied 3-3 after double overtime, goals by Jordan Brown and Freethy lifted Max to a 4-3 win that went to a shootout.

Contact: Mark “Link” Warde, SAGU S.I.D., at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 469-658-2847.