WAXAHACHIE, Texas  --  The Intramural Championship of the Indoor Soccer League is Thursday, April 21. The semi-finals are at 6:00 and 7:00 and will be followed by the title game at 8:00pm in the Garrison Wellness Center.

The top-seeded squad, Maximilian, is captained by Breck Maxey. They will take on a veteran crew of SAGU faculty and staff, led by Jeremiah Feicht. Staff Infection has dropped a pair of 1-goal games to Max, but can un-do those setbacks in their 6pm semi-final game.

Team Kickapoo has won three games in a row since an opening setback to the Staff Infection. Tracy Griffin’s team, named after Bryan King’s high school (Kickapoo H.S. in Springfield, Mo), will meet Purple United at 7:00 on Thursday. James Southerland is the captain of the United.

The championship game is at 8:00pm, with the winner taking home Intramural Champions T-shirts.

The results and standings to date are:

Week One

Maximilian  3-2  Staff Infection

Week Two

Staff Infection  3-2  Purple United

Maximilian  8-6  Purple United

Week Three

Staff Infection  6-3  Team Kickapoo

Team Kickapoo  6-5  Purple United

Maximilian  8-7  Purple United (2 OT)

Week Four

Purple United  10-3  Staff Infection

Maximilian  4-3  Staff Infection

Team Kickapoo  12-3  Maximilian

Team Kickapoo  7-5  Purple United



Maximilian 4-1 26-30
Team Kickapoo 3-1 28-19
Staff Infection 2-3 17-22
Purple United 1-5 35-35
W-L Won-Lost   GF - Foals For   GA - Goals Against

Week Five:  PLAYOFFS

April 21 – Thursday

6:00       Maximilian  (Breck Maxey)   -vs-   Purple United  (James Southerland)

7:00        Team Kickapoo  (Tracy Griffin)   -vs-   Staff Infection  (Jeremiah Feicht)

8:00       Championship   (T-Shirts to Winners)


Offense – GPG Scored.

Team Kickapoo                 7.0

Purple United                    5.8

Maximilian                          5.2

Staff Infection                   3.4


Defense – GPG Yield

Staff Infection                   4.4

Team Kickapoo                 4.7

Purple United                    5.8

Maximilian                          6.0