Co-Ed Teams Play on Thursday Nights!

The four co-ed SAGU indoor soccer teams will be going full throttle on Thursday nights in the Garrison Wellness Center (G-Dubya) over the next several weeks. The league is part of Southwestern's growing intramural sports program.

Breck Maxey's team, MAXIMILIAN, and the club directed by Jeremiah Feicht, STAFF INFECTION, are the favorites. They have an edge in experience over the newest teams, James Southerland's PURPLE UNITED and TEAM KICKAPOO, whose captain is Tracy Griffin.

The upcoming two weeks:

April 7

6:00 Staff Infection -vs- Team Kickapoo

7:00 Team Kickapoo -vs- Purple United

8:00 Purple United -vs- Maximilian

April 14

6:00 Staff Infection -vs- Purple United

7:00 Staff Infection -vs- Maximilian

8:00 Maximilian -vs- Team Kickapoo

9:00 Purple United -vs- Team Kickapoo